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  1. Hi all! I am trying to figure out if I should take two classes per semester for two and half years or three classes per semester for the first year and two classes per semester for the second year. The problem I also have is that my lab and where I will be taking classes is about a 45 minute drive from each other, so I have to think about my time wisely. Thanks in advance!
  2. IceCream & MatSci

    Duke vs NCSU for MS in ECE/Comp. Engg

    I kind of disagree with this. Interest rate can make things add up quickly, even if the loan amount is low. I have a decent amount of student loan debt and I think I got lucky because I know people who have way more than me and will have to take longer to pay it off, but I still am completely overwhelmed by it. Debt can really affect your future, especially if you want to buy a house and start a family, which can be costly. Also, it wouldn't be that great to have to pay off debt until you are 60 or 70. Just my opinion, though. @AnanjayaTyagi So, I am suspecting the Master's program will be two years. So, for the cost of Duke, two years will be $154,000. At NC State, it will cost $90,000. So, NC State is technically and approximately $64,000 "cheaper" in that sense. However, cost is definitely not the only determinant. When I looked at the two places I was accepted to, I compared them based on these things: 1.Location. Do you like the feel of the university and the town/city it is in? What is the cost of living? Is it affordable? Interestingly, these two places are not far from each other, but they do have different vibes about them. 2. Cost. As discussed above, cost can take a toll. I don't know your financial situation, but tuition/cost of attendance is not the only cost you will accrue when you are getting your Master's. There is rent, utilities, food, health insurance, transportation (and possibly care maintenance with that), renters insurance, etc. It will add up over time. You just need to figure out if you can afford Duke over NC State. What kind of job do you want after your Master's? Do you want to go into industry? Or get a PhD and postdoc? If you go into industry, paying off the debt will be quicker. 3. Classes. You seem to like the classes offered at Duke more. Compare the two on the classes you will have to take. 4. Research advisor/projects. Do you see yourself working with someone at either university? Is there a person you prefer more? 5. Assistantship opportunities. Do any of the places offer research or teaching assistantships to help cover the cost of attendance and/or living costs? Also, I am not sure if you have visited either schools, so I will tell you what I know about NC State since I was there for four years. It has three campuses. Main campus has most colleges. Centennial campus has all engineering departments except nuclear. The third campus is the vet school. They are all about a few minutes away from each other, with the main campus in the middle. What I miss a lot about NC State is Lake Raleigh, which is located on centennial campus. Whenever I was stressed, I would take a walk to the lake and just chill out there until I felt better. Centennial campus is fairly small compared to Main, but it also is nice to get away from the big crowds of students. It definitely makes collaborating and going to classes easy. There is only graduate housing on centennial. The bus system is fairly reliable and goes to many places in and around the campuses. NC State has a lot of school spirit! Screaming "wolfpack" is a big thing there. Also, if you love ice cream, then NC State might be your place. They make their own ice cream, and it is sold allover the campuses (in the mini school grocery stores, the libraries, and even local Harris Teeters). Raleigh is a really cool place with lots to do -- concerts, activities, bars, restaurants, clubs, an arboretum, and museums (the science museum is super cool and free!). Honestly, this is a really hard discussion, but congrats on getting into two wonderful schools. Both schools are great, and located in the Research Triangle, which has many companies in various industries. I hope this helps and good luck!
  3. IceCream & MatSci

    Keep A Word Drop A Word

    Candy crush
  4. IceCream & MatSci

    Materials Science and Engineering Applicant Profiles for 2019 Admission

    I would wait for two weeks or so, but once early April approaches, you may want to give up on Rice. Also, you may want to wait longer if Rice is one of your top programs. However, if you prefer the other places you were accepted at, then don't wait as long. Maybe Rice bases their second round of offers on how many people accept the first round? This could prevent them from sending out too many acceptances.
  5. IceCream & MatSci

    Duke vs NCSU for MS in ECE/Comp. Engg

    WOLFPACK! I went to NCSU for my undergrad, so I am very biased. Like the people said above, ranking is not super important, especially since both schools are good. I will say that NCSU has a higher rep in engineering compared to Duke in my opinion. Nonetheless, I think what's important to think about is what place that will make you the happiest. Durham and Raleigh both have different feelings. Cost is also very important, especially since there is such a huge difference between the two. Would it be worth it to pay the large amount at Duke?
  6. IceCream & MatSci

    Is this okay to wear for Admitted Students Day?

    I think that's fine. Have fun at the visit!
  7. IceCream & MatSci

    2019 GEM Fellowship

    I didn't receive any emails about it either :/.
  8. Hi all! I came across this Nature article on tips for international students applying to grad school in the United States: https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-019-00845-z?utm_source=Nature+Briefing&utm_campaign=db543bc5f4-briefing-dy-20190314&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_c9dfd39373-db543bc5f4-43891109 I hope it is helpful!
  9. If I were you, I would go to UCLA. If you like UCLA, if you have a good advisor or good potential advisors, if you have good and reliable funding, if you can see yourself at UCLA and would be happy there, you should take this opportunity given to you. MIT does have prestige, but I don't think that why you should choose a place because of prestige. There is also no guarantee you will get in next year, sorry to say. So, do what feels best in your gut. Good luck!
  10. IceCream & MatSci


    Ask here:
  11. IceCream & MatSci

    Biomedical Engineering/Bioengineering Applicant Profiles for 2019 Admission

    Thank you! It is definitely a huge relief! I hope everyone gets to this point soon, and I wish everyone else the best of luck as well!
  12. IceCream & MatSci

    Vision and Dental?

    Yay! Congrats! This is great!
  13. IceCream & MatSci

    Vision and Dental?

    I would definitely ask someone who works in the graduate school office, a grad student in your department, and/or your future PI. Looking up health insurance can be confusing (the school I plan on going to has two health insurance types/premuims along with two different premiums for vision plans), so getting a definite answer from the school reassured me. Good luck!
  14. That is a tough decision. I sadly don't know much about anthropology and how to get a job after doing graduate school in that field, but the fact that you have a good advisor should definitely be something of importance. In my mind, more important than the ranking on the university, but since I am limited in my knowledge, I feel like I am not the best voice here. Good luck!

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