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  1. Moods

    Keep A Word Drop A Word

    Magic book
  2. Moods

    2019 GEM Fellowship

    Thanks!!!!! 😁 Feeling a tiny bit better about life. Just a micron.
  3. Moods

    2019 GEM Fellowship

    My employer finally contacted me! Yay!
  4. I applied to MedE at Caltech as well, but I have gotten complete radio silence from them. I haven’t heard anything either.
  5. I did a Skype interview with a professor a few days ago, but nothing beyond that. Hopefully we will hear something soon!
  6. Moods

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    I just need one school with a great PI to accept me! Just one! Pretty please with a cherry on top! And some sprinkles...
  7. Moods

    Keep A Word Drop A Word

    Dust pan
  8. Moods

    The music therapy

    I have a Spotify playlist called “Songs that make me want to DANNNNCCCCEEEEE” and it has helped me through these mentally troubling times. I always dance my stress away (well, some of it, anyway)!
  9. No problem! The letter was a page long. I think a little longer than that is okay, but making it too long could be bad. You could ask if there is anything in particular she would like you to mention in the letter. I know students sometimes tell teachers specific things they would like to have mentioned in their recommendations and/or teachers ask students for help them out while writing letters for the students.
  10. Moods

    So this interview thing...

    I suppose some people get invited directly by POIs, but I feel like that’s rare. Most invitations are weekend/multi-day things were you tour the campus, meet grad students, and get to talk to multiple POIs, I believe.
  11. @Rey38 I have had to write a letter of recommendation for one of my professors for an award he applied to, so I hope I can provide some help! I talked about how I became acquainted with him. He runs this summer program where I was able to conduct research overseas. I talked about the program and the specific parts of the programs he runs and how he helped the participants of the program (he traveled with us to Australia and stayed with us to make sure we were acclimated before leaving, etc). I then talked about how this program helped me academically and professionally. So, you definitely want to gear the letter towards your experiences with your MA advisor. How has she helped you academically? How has she helped you professionally and personally? Has she helped anyone else that you know? Describe this. Were you given specific qualifications that she needs to embody to become a full professor? If so, discuss how she embodies them? If not, I would ask her if there anything she could suggest to you. Does she do any side projects/outreach/volunteer opportunities related to her work at the university? If so, talk about those. I hope this helps! Good luck!
  12. Moods

    So this interview thing...

    @starkid I haven't gone to an in-person interview yet (being hopeful I will be invited!!). Nonetheless, I think I have some answers for you! Getting rejected after an interview weekend depends on the school. Some schools only invite you to interviews if you are accepted. Other don't, and with those, there is still a chance you get rejected. Some of the schools may have lab rotations, so that will allow room for you to establish a connection with a PI even after being accepted. However, you want to make those connections as soon as you can, in my opinion. If you are an asshole, I am unsure. If you are asshole to one of faculty members that are on the admissions committee, then you probably have a good chance of getting rejected. Probably best to just be good person in general. I am sure you are a good person, I am only suggesting that as a rule of thumb for everyone. I would highly suggest going, if you are accepted or not, but especially if you haven't been accepted. Not going might hurt your chances of getting accepted, unless you have a really good excuse for not going. There are no guarantees that the admission committee would care about the excuse, though. Additionally, going will allow you to connect with faculty and graduate students, let you see the campus in person, and help you figure out if you could spend 5+ years there. I have never heard of schools doing party weekends. I have only heard of having visits for PI interviews. They might have additional activities, like ice breakers or going to a local bar, you will get to do, but expect to do interviews for sure. I hope this helps! Good luck!
  13. One of my professors actually tried to. He was also my faculty advisor for my senior design project. Every time my teammates and I went into a meeting to update him on the project, he would ask what our future plans were. I would say that I am taking a gap year to apply to PhD programs. He always shook his head at this, saying I should go into industry. He especially didn't like the fact that I wanted to do my PhD program in biomedical engineering. He said too many people were getting PhDs, especially in that field. He said that I would get a bigger salary in the long run if I went to industry. He would ask us every time, I would say the same thing every time, and he would TRY to discourage me every time. It obviously didn't work because here I am getting worked up about getting into grad school. I honestly care less about the money. As long as I am getting compensated fairly in my future job, then I will be happy. I didn't become an engineer to be rich. I want to do research that will hopefully benefit people. I also want to challenge myself and get the gratification of successfully getting a PhD. Dr. also is a nice sounding prefix, but that's not really why I want to do it. I think it's sad when someone you look up to, like a professor, tries to get you out of doing something you want to do. Maybe they think what they are doing is for the best, but I don't think becoming rich is better than doing what I want. I am lucky that no else has discouraged me and I also fortunate to have a close family members that are academics. I am super thankful for their encouragement, because as made obvious by this thread, people don't get the support they need when it comes to pursuing higher education.
  14. @starkid Is the town that UD is in really that lame? How is it lame? I am wondering because I applied there for MSE.
  15. Moods

    2019 GEM Fellowship

    That's odd, I am able to log in.

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