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    Royal pain
  2. Moods

    2019 GEM Fellowship

    Did anyone else get an email about a week ago talking about a conference call explaining new steps with GEM happening tomorrow and this Thursday at 2pm? I think it’s for people who already have been selected by an employer, but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t the only one.
  3. Thanks. I will try my best to stay patient and not let my imposter syndrome get the best of me. Also, I hope the news you heard today was good!
  4. Is it just me or has anyone else haven’t from any schools yet? It’s great seeing you all get interviews and acceptances, though! I’m just feeling very discouraged....
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    baking battle
  6. Moods

    2019 GEM Fellowship

    Just FYI, you may never be contacted until after being selected. Maybe one day you will be selected by the employer and then be allowed to accept them. That’s what’s happened to me. I accepted my employer’s offer in late December, but I didn’t hear from them until a few days ago. I feel like a hypocrite saying this (actually, I am one), but just try to be patient. That’s all your can really do, sadly. I hope they accept you and contact you soon, though! If you are concerned, you can always call or email GEM about it and maybe they will know more. From what I can tell, GEM is an organization that recruits undergrads to apply to grad school and helps grad school applicants/students get funding through their member schools (who I think pay a fee to be a member) as well as help them get internship experiences through their member employers (who I also think pay a fee). I think with these fees, GEM is able to help cover tution and fees. The unverisities and employers help fund the student with a stipend and paid summer internship, but I think GEM provides a stipend for the first year. GEM mainly is just a way to help underrepresented students in STEM apply to grad school with the hope that the result is that there is more diversity in STEM.
  7. Moods

    Ready As I'll Ever Be

    I voted yes, but please keeping posting on here as well! I am no longer on Facebook, but still want to see your blog posts!
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    iron skillet
  9. I think this is smart! I might try and do the same. I also agree the people who are first-generation and/or of the LGBTQ+ community should also be considered underrepresented. Kind of dumb that they aren’t.
  10. Your profile looks great! I hope all goes well for you, and yes, please let us know where you end up going! Also, just curious, what kind of energy materials do you want to study?
  11. Thanks for the insight! Something to consider, especially since I agree that it is a crime that there isn’t a good sushi joint!
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    Shoe box
  13. Moods

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    Magic book

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