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    datu72 reacted to meadymalarkey in So I didn't get in.. Now what?   
    You really put yourself out there and fully invested in an idea of how your life was going to look in the next year, and now you are redrafting the narrative without a whole lot of information or reasoning, because somebody sent you a form letter. Rejection can be really hard to stomach. You're not alone. I know those feelings all too well.
    For what it's worth, I got rejected from everywhere I applied last year for SLP. Prior to that, years before, I applied for MFAs and had a nearly identical experience (waitlists and rejections galore). In both cases, I wondered if graduate school was something I was even meant to do if I got such negative responses. I would look at who else got in and alternate between thinking "what the literal balls?" and "I'm completely delusional and not worthy of this world," instead of looking at what I was bringing to the table on my own terms. When I finally did this, it was a lot more constructive. 
    If you were competitive for UNCG based on their average admit stats, you are competitive for heaps of programs. I know it's raw right now and it takes time to heal. Some things that have helped me are:
    1) considering that most people's journeys look suuuuuuuper different, no matter what their careers are. If they didn't, that'd be pretty dull.
    2) that this process, like it or not, isn't an all or nothing thing. Ultimately the year you end up starting graduate school isn't going to be important, so much as how you did graduate school and what you got out of it. Graduate school is one piece of the puzzle, but SLP is a career you'll hopefully have for a long time, and with every step there will be setbacks and things to learn.
    3) that admissions decisions are complex. Graduate programs are looking for baseline stats and certain courses, but they're also looking for a lot of other things when they're building relatively small cohorts. That means diversity (where people are from, in-state vs out of state, race, age, gender, military/civilian, life experiences) but it also means selecting people they a) see thriving under the faculty's direction and b) are more likely to accept their offers. Which brings me to the point that one of my very high ranking academic neighbors reminded me of recently - grad programs sometimes talk to each other during admit cycles and prioritize applicants based on where they know they are more likely to attend later. Their admissions decisions don't make sense to those rejected for this reason.
    You're still waiting to hear back. I understand your feelings, but it's not over till it's over. The first letter I got back this cycle was from the lowest ranking I applied to, and they didn't even ask me to interview. This stung especially because they let us know that they'd asked nearly 30% of applicants to interview, and even with a 3.92 post-bacc I didn't make the cut. I was certain I was done-for. Then, I was accepted by 2 programs, both of which are far more dynamic and much better fits for my research interests. Bye Felicia. 
    And finally, 4) the question isn't whether or not you're "enough," inasmuch as honing your vision and finding ways of expanding the breadth of your knowledge between now and the next time you apply. You were absolutely enough, you are still enough, and you will be enough a year from now. There just might be more to do in between. 
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    datu72 got a reaction from justwaitin:) in GRE Prep   
    Also, check out Mat Gre videos on YouTube.  He has great resources and his writing videos were especially helpful when I took the GRE.  Good luck.
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    datu72 reacted to slpwholovescoffee in Spring 2020 Admissions Decisions   
    How long ago was your application submitted? Thank you for the heads up! Congratulations as well!!!!!
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    datu72 reacted to CorazonDeSLP in Spring 2020 Admissions Decisions   
    @datu72 I just heard back from CSU Fresno! I was accepted!!! its such a seriously amazing feeling. After reading the letter I felt a little dizzy...like am I processing this right? I had to read it twice! Thank you for being so positive! I did not anticipate to hear the news so soon ;0
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    datu72 got a reaction from Changfeng Chen in Resume/Personal statement help!!   
    Hello, I used these websites to get my mind going about what I wanted to say.  Once that happened, I just wrote a very personal letter of intent that stated why I wanted to become a speech pathologist.  Once you find and make that connection, everything should flow.  Good luck!
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    datu72 got a reaction from CorazonDeSLP in Spring 2020 Admissions Decisions   
    Thank you.  I know it's gonna put me back in debt, but Baylor is the only school out of three that accepted me.  I can't relocate, so I am limited to only a few options.  I figure it'll pay off in the long run.  I wish you much luck and I hope that you hear back soon from the school that is best for you!  BTW I will be in January 2020 track.
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    datu72 reacted to Toya in HELP! ASHA Prerequisite basic science requirements   
    I completed the prereqs at Coastline Community College in Garden Grove CA. 
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    datu72 reacted to smileyslp in HELP! ASHA Prerequisite basic science requirements   
    Yeah, I was pretty bummed when I found this out too. If you don't have much time to complete a course, you could take a CLEP exam to fulfill those requirements. It is a more affordable and timely option. It's like taking the final exam to test out of a particular course. If you have any questions, here are the links below. Also, feel free to ask me any questions-- I have taken three CLEP exams so far.
    Here is the one for Bio: https://clep.collegeboard.org/science-and-mathematics/biology
    Here is the one for Chem (No Physics offered): https://clep.collegeboard.org/science-and-mathematics/chemistry
    I took a chem course online last summer through my university instead and it was pretty easy, so I can also give you the info for that class too if you'd like.  Good luck!
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    datu72 reacted to bibliophile222 in CSDCAS experiences   
    I would just say how many years instead of weeks, then give a range for hours per week (eg, 10-40).
    I actually can't remember if I put my unrelated jobs in my Experiences section. I seem to remember it being woefully blank.
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    datu72 reacted to pinkypink in low GPA, and no major in communication disorders - but can I still be a SLP?   
    I was a CSD major, but in terms of the low GPA I was in the same place as you. I graduated with a 2.7 GPA (lower than you), and reading into the forums and talking to people to try to get help was very discouraging because many people told me that there was no chance that I was going to grad school. However, it only took a few people that shared their experiences to make me realize that GPA is not everything. So I told myself that if I ever got accepted into a program I would be that person for someone else!!
    I took a year off to work on my application. I started a list of things I needed to apply and worked on one at a time and gave myself a deadline for each. That included studying REAL HARD for the GRE, writing a very provoking personal statement, and researching/reaching out to schools that would be willing to look at more than just GPA (they exist), getting a job working with the special needs population, and doing observation hours/building relationships with SLP's who will keep you motivated and be strong references for your application, and being very open minded to different programs + locations.
    I got accepted to the first program that I applied to, and I found out last week. As long as you have the passion there is always a way for that to shine through, even beyond your GPA.
    If this is really what you want to do, then there is always a way! Don't give up but also these things take time and if it doesn't happen for you in Sept 2020 like you hoped don't give up!!! Please message me if you want to talk more, but I totally have been in your shoes and I'm here to tell you it's possible!!!! 
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    datu72 reacted to KEIM in Low GRE and GPA - do I still have a chance?   
    Try Baylor or the ENMU hybrid program
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