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  1. Called the grad coordinator for UIUC today and she mentioned that interview invitations have not gone out yet.
  2. Washington University in St. Louis - Social Personality Feb 7 Vanderbilt- Quant - Feb 14 ASU- Developmental - Feb 21 FSU -Developmental - Feb 28
  3. Same. Haven’t heard from my POI since November. I imagine that they will be sending invites out soon.
  4. Called UIUC and they said they haven’t sent out any official invites yet. Have to wait some more.
  5. School: Vanderbilt Type of Program: Quant Psych Acceptance Date: 12/17/2019
  6. Hi. I got an invite from my POI first and then from the department. The department one came a week ago.
  7. Waiting on UIUC. Someone already received an interview to Minnesota’s PIB last week.
  8. Hi. If you got a PIB Minnesota interview, could you please DM me your POI’s initials. Thanks!
  9. You shouldn’t go through all of them in depth. I would just say to be aware of the kind of research he does and focus on recent papers like you mentioned. If some of those pubs are coauthored by his current grad students, maybe look at those to see the kinds of projects you might be working on when you get there. I’ve had a few interviews so far and they’ve all been a bit different but they have all started with generic opener interview questions (tell me a bit about yourself) so have something ready for those.
  10. I got into a Quant Program this cycle and can share my experience and what I did. 1) read the quant program website for the program you’re applying to. When you come up with questions about the program, make sure they aren’t already answered on the website or the FAQ. 2) definitely review your previous research and be prepared to talk about the methods you used and why your experience led you to choose a quant program. What was the value you saw in pursuing a quant program vs any other psych sub-field. 3) continuing on the last one, be prepared to talk about why a quant program is right for you. I spoke a little about how training in quant methods would grant me more freedom to tackle complex research questions. 4) read your professors work! You don’t have to be an expert but you should be able to ask questions off the top of your head or seem conversational. You don’t have to be an expert on the methods your professor is using (you are going to school to learn those after all!) but you should brush up on them and make sure you are not clueless. More than wanting to learn specific methods I talked about why learning about quant methods in general is important to me and to the work I wanted to do down the line. Those are the things I can come up with off the top of my head. Hope they help. Best of luck!!
  11. I got the WUSTL interview invite. Dm me for POI.
  12. Nothing from UPenn. I think I’ve seen interviews going out mid January previous years.
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