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Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

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On 6/12/2018 at 1:11 PM, rosesandrecords said:

Thanks for the tips!  Do you mind my asking how far in advance of the test you started studying?  

I took the test in August and began studying late May.

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Is it okay to apply to a Clinical Psychology PhD and a Counseling Psychology PhD at the same school? Will it hurt my chances because they will not think I am committed to either one? I am very interested in both programs and both can bring me to a goal of being a professor and doing psychotherapy.

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Hi everybody!! :)

I will also be applying to psychology graduate programs for Fall 2019. I'm actually still an undergrad and don't graduate until May 2019, so the amount of experience everyone in this thread has is a bit daunting, but I'm kind of excited to see how everything turns out. And you all sound like very impressive and accomplished people and I wish you all the best of luck!!

A bit about me:

Program of Interest: PhD Developmental Psychology/Master's in Experimental Psychology and then on to a PhD in Developmental Psychology

Schools of Interest: Definitely applying to: University of Virginia, University of Pennsylvania, Cornell, William & Mary for master's (my undergrad institution), Wake Forest for master's; Interested in exploring further: Princeton, Carnegie Mellon, University of Pittsburgh, University of Maryland--College Park, Boston College (My list is still in formation so if it seems wacky that's why. Suggestions welcome.)

Research Interests: early social cognition, theory of mind, pretend play and its impact on children's cognitive development, first language acquisition, interdisciplinary connections across domains of development (particularly language development/social development), impact of language use on child/infant visual perception

Educational Background: Psychology B.S. (with a linguistics minor) '19

Things I'm Not Worried About: --4.0 Psychology GPA, 3.88 overall GPA (I do have one more year of school left though)

--Have been heavily involved in two research labs related to my interest areas--one since freshman year and the other since sophomore year

--Am currently working on my honors thesis about pretend play & theory of mind (so directly related to my interests)

--Have not been published before, but was a coauthor with my professor on a paper that was rejected (I feel that I can't really help that it was rejected, but at least I have the experience conducting the data analysis and writing it up.)

--Am planning on submitting an abstract about my honors thesis to a conference sometime in the fall

--Have very close relationships with my professors and so should have positive recommendations

--I absolutely love what I study.

Things I'm Worried About: --GRE--my verbal scores are either right on the mark or a point or two higher than the median for most of the programs I'm interested in, and writing is right on the mark, but quant is 2-3 points lower...I honestly ~don't~ want to take it again because I already studied quite a lot with multiple different prep books. I simply am not that great at timed math. Never have been. For context, my SAT going into undergrad was pretty similar and I got a tutor to focus just on math and when I retook it my score was actually lower.

--Experience--I threw myself into research as much as I could and I took every opportunity I had, but very unfortunately a publication did not come of it. And since I'm going to be compared to people who already have a master's, perhaps that will be an issue.

Anyway, I'm a newbie so any advice is appreciated, including what to do if this application cycle doesn't work out. (I see some of you have worked as research assistants. What has that been like?)



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