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  1. You can try RIT and IUPUI as well as Uni of Maryland Collegepark. UMBC, Georgia Tech. I'm a hopeful applicant myself so I can't say your chances but those are some I was looking at myself. I have the opposite problem, I have good grades and a related degree but no research publications
  2. I think I'll be in this position next year. I stopped telling prospective employers that I have plans to go on to grad school after i realized they didn't want to bring someone on who would only be temporary. At my current job, my boss is under the impression that I will be staying on after I finish my degree and within the field. Although I'm still unsure how I will break it to her because I've basically lied by omission and went along with everything she said about my upward movements in this career. I know ethically it may be straddling the fence but I really needed a job badly even just to have money to even apply to grad school.
  3. I think a reasonable starting point is knowing which specific countries you are interested in and researching the prospects in those areas.
  4. I'm in the process of compiling a list of schools to apply to for in a few months to start in fall 2018. I am interested more in the information science side of things and would hope to pursue a career in user experience, information architecture, hci etc with a research focus. I am interested if anyone has applied or gone to mlis programs, especially in Canada with a similar background. So far I'm looking at U of T (for sure gonna apply) UBC (interested but not sure it would fit my focus) Do any of the of mlis programs in Canada fit this description?
  5. Hey I'm applying to Uni of Mich fall 2018 for the same program. What was the application process like? I feel so overwhelmed, do i need to have a research focus or just my career goals specified for admission?
  6. I'm an international student and I will be applying to HCI programs for fall 2018. right now my biggest worry is affording the schools. The programs I'm looking at are: Carleton- human computer interaction depaul - hci Georgia Tech - human computer interaction: interactive computing mich state - Media and information: hci rit - human computer interaction Umaryland-baltimore - Master of Science in Human-Centered Computing (HCC) umich ann arbor - MSI Uni of baltimore - Interaction Design & Information Architecture UT Austin - (iSchool) msis uwaterloo - Appl sci systems design engineering My plan is to maximize fin aid and funding by applying early and hopefully get a scholarship and possibly an assistantship or on-campus job. However, I am curious on how realistic it is for me to be able to be able to receive full financial support or funding or close to it from the school itself. I know I haven't included many stats but I am wondering if anyone else has been in a similar situation and got fully funded so that I have hope. GRE: to take GPA: 3.47 (upward trend in final two years 3.9) no research experience outside of class projects
  7. Hi I am in the process of completing a bachelors degree in computer information systems with a concentration in network systems. my problem is I can't seem to find a masters degree program that I am eligible to apply for because of the classes I have taken. my degree is a bachelor of business administration degree not a science based one (it's the only computer degree offered at the college in my country) I would like to attend graduate school in Canada in a program that has a focus on networking. Does anyone have any advice or ideas? So far I've been looking at: dalhousie: applied computer science dalhousie: internetworking carleton: information technology , network technology university of Alberta: mint uoit: computer science york: information technology