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  1. got my acceptance letter for Oklahoma State's Experimental Cog/Neuro PhD program yesterday
  2. yeah theres really not one for my area of study... i figured i'd mention it anyway in case someone has been waiting on an OSU grad program letter
  3. Got the thumbs up from Oklahoma State's Experimental Psych PhD program yesterday.
  4. I applied to UT Austin as well, but haven't had a single communication from them yet. Would you mind me asking when you heard back from them?
  5. School: TulaneArea/Degree: Neuroscience PhDRationalization: POI wanted applicants with more rat research experienceComment: Not terribly surprised. It was nice of her to at least let me know why I got rejected.Coping tactics: Applied to 6 other PhD programs & 3 Masters. Fingers crossed!
  6. I sent mine in months ago & the portal still says it's not recieved. I have to assume it's just a glitch.
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