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  1. crugs

    Fall MFA 2018

    hey all!! So excited to see this thread--I applied for all PhDs last season with no luck, and am broadening my scope of programs. I've always loved writing--it's something that brings me so much happiness, but this year is the first time I've really mustered up the courage to apply to MFA programs in Creative Writing. In fact, in the past few months I've actually sent my pieces out to friends to review for the first time. I've had some really good reception, but I'm worried that they're not impartial enough to give me enough honest feedback. That all being said, where do you go for edits? I've an English MA so I'm not worried about grammar, more pacing, detail, and content. I have the pieces that I think are my strongest picked out, but I would love a round of super objective edits before I submit!!
  2. I am a HS teacher now and have hated every education class I've ever taken-wouldn't be able to bear a full phd. I really want to focus on the categorization and accessibility of each play, WHY it's taught rather than HOW, if that makes sense!
  3. Hugs for Crugs is my sister's twitter handle I love it and I'm jealous haahhahaha
  4. crugs

    Waitlist Movement

    unsure of the others, but Brown acceptances seem to have gone out on Feb 10 based on the results search
  5. literally sobbing if you think 30 is the end of the world as I sit here at 30 looking at a strike out.
  6. crugs

    Venting Thread

    I hear this--one of my best friends texted me last night that she got into her top choice (for an acting MFA, not English) school and I was over the moon excited for her, but also felt a twinge of jealousy, and then felt super guilty for feeling jealous. It's a vicious, vicious cycle
  7. This might already be on the list.....but I've started researching "Plan B"s just in case the 3 schools I have left to hear from don't pan out either...because staying where I am doing what I'm doing isn't an option I'm willing to entertain Anyone else dangerously close to a strikeout trying to figure out what to do next?
  8. crugs

    Venting Thread

    ugh that's terrible to hear, I'm so sorry. At least we've all virtually got each other! <3
  9. crugs

    Venting Thread

    oh gosh I feel you-I turned 30 last summer and also went through a super tough breakup. I've been using the "I don't know where I'll be" excuse ever since then and ugh, same. Your dog is adorable!!! I've been feeling if I can't have a boyfriend I at least deserve a dog, but my apartment won't allow it!
  10. crugs

    Venting Thread

    I'm with all of you guys, I feel like I've staked my whole life on this and at this point I'm certain I'm not going to get in anywhere -- and same as @anxiousgrad - the schools left are lower-tier and I'm worried about prospects after graduation...I'm just freaking out every second and it feels like there's literally nothing going right in my life. I worry about sounding overdramatic and I know my family is probably sick of my overwhelming depression, but I just can't see the bright side in any of it. I guess it's good to know there are others in the same boat even though I wish you all were hearing better news!
  11. crugs

    2017 Acceptances

    @anxiousgrad do you think UConn is done? You've got rejection implied in your signature, even though they seem to have just started sending out acceptances yesterday...Did you hear somewhere that they're done?
  12. crugs

    2017 Acceptances

    Congrats to the UConn acceptances today! I've been checking my portal all day and can't help but be annoyed that my status is "APPL" ...Can we not just spare the extra THREE letters to finish that word? Is it some secret code? 'A Perfect Placement, Love' 'Applicant Perfect. Please Let-in' 'Apples Peaches Pears Life' (that last one is just the start of my allergy list, they couldn't possibly know that. OR COULD THEY?)
  13. This is so true....To top it off, (I graduated from King's 3 years ago), none of my profs actually work there anymore...So I had a HELL of a time trying to get a LoR. Have one from BA, one from MA (who wasn't a prof but is a program advisor), and one from work....That's what is worrying me the most about my application and it just seems so urgent to get in somewhere this year because I'm pretty sure I can't go through that trauma of getting LsoR again. But, my focus at that point wasn't to move on to a PhD so I didn't have the foresight to ask for letters while I was there. If that's a goal of yours now I think you'll be better set to lay the groundwork during the program itself
  14. Last night I got an email from UT Austin saying a decision has been made and to check the portal...I already got a rejection email on Friday so I knew I wasn't in...but somehow the Patriots' win made me believe for a moment in the power of the comeback, and changing tides, and miracles and magic...so I checked the portal *just in case*. Unfortunately Tom Brady does not have power over PhD acceptances.
  15. You can do it!!!! Keep that focus-it'll keep you (somewhat) sane!!!

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