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  1. wow I am sorry to hear about this! Don't worry about the lengthy reply. I am sending your whole cohort lots of love and I really hope the department turns around fast!
  2. I didn't and I'm glad I didn't, because I already see my cohort nearly 20 hours a week! I do live with students in other programs though which is nice. I would possibly live with people in my cohort but not before I got to know them.
  3. money! A few of my schools were comparable tuition wise, so it was also about rent prices and housing availability close to the school. I also didn't want to move far from my undergrad institution, which was already 100s of miles from my hometown. So, if the move was small that was a huge plus. My final decision between two schools was the focus. I was confident I want to work in the school setting and serve bilingual children, so I was looking for the schools that had either a bilingual focus or clear multicultural emphasis in curriculum and scholarships available. I also looked at the research and focuses of the professors in the program to find which had staff with the best fit for my interests because I may be shadowing them or they may be placing me for practicum, and overall they could be potential life-long connections.
  4. Also I am curious about that pass rate since 80% is required, is 80% for ASHA certification? if it's basically already dropped below 80 since students have left, does that predict they will lose certification, or what are the consequences? does ASHA know that so many students have left / does the university care...? any more students planning on leaving?
  5. This is shocking to read, I really encourage all applicants to look at all program's completion rates and Praxis pass rate. I look at Samford's and the stats are pretty low. It's the first school I've seen without a 97-100% praxis pass rate and completion rate.
  6. It's my first year in the program and I honestly am so torn! There's no pressure to choose a specialty quickly which is great. I know I want to work with children, but I've gone back and forth on school vs clinical setting. I'm leaning more towards school because it's more of a collaborative effort and you get more time to diagnose / get a more holistic picture. I'm also super interested in fluency and voice. I would love to do some transgender voice therapy as well, probably as a volunteer thing on the weekends. It's a highly underserved area and a passionate topic for me. I don't think my mind will be wholly made up until I start practicum and seeing patients. Also @snoves let me know if you ever have questions about SJSU
  7. CSU East Bay does not require nor does it even accept GRE scores and they have a program for out of field students. Not sure if you are interested in moving to California, but I know the complete list of schools in CA that have 3 year programs if you are interested. Don't worry too much, I was a Cognitive Science undergrad with a lot of research experience in psychology and psycholinguistics and also 25 hours of observation. You got this!
  8. Hi! This is a very late reply, but I am a current student at SJSU in the SLP graduate program. The grants are very selective and also short term. The current grants on the website I believe are going to end in the next 1-2 years. They are currently applying for more grants, I believe the program nearly always has grants available but the theme, name and nature of the grant, etc. is going to vary. There are a LOT of scholarships available for students and there's a scholarship portal. I applied to one that took me less than 30 minutes and was awarded $2,000. In terms of aid in general, both schools are going to simply offer loans. There isn't really a lot of federal grants available for graduate students especially in the professional field. I was offered 17k a semester in loans for the program.
  9. I'm not sure if other things are used, but they do use this heavily. It isn't for a specific cohort at all, a lot of people seem to have different start dates. I would recommend enabling one for it. it isn't used for just that, they use it to make study groups and talk about the classes and get help re: financial aid, choosing courses, etc.
  10. there's also a really long and helpful thread here:
  11. When I was considering, this facebook group was really helpful. It seems students are happy with the classes but frustrated with the administration - hope you can join / it helps! https://www.facebook.com/groups/343412579327909/
  12. San Jose State University (both 2 and 3 year program): https://www.facebook.com/groups/640094162850993/
  13. If you decided to accept, here's the fb group someone made! https://www.facebook.com/groups/640094162850993
  14. I've been accepted to the 3-year program, which I know is different, but have a bit to say. I'm planning on accepting this offer because it has opportunities for multi-cultural focus and engagement through its programs such as Project Tapestry. I'm Vietnamese and highly value the opportunity to work with the Vietnamese community (which is large in SJ). My brother is an undergrad at SJSU and we are very close to each other, but our hometown is quite far so it would be great to have each other close. It's also an affordable program compared to most - it's cheaper than my current undergrad tuition !! I also want to write a thesis or case study as my capstone, and SJSU provides this opportunity. Program-wise, I have visited their department clinic and picked up the papers they provide parents with information about the services they provide. I spoke with alumni who went to my same UG institution and he really enjoyed the program. The largest frustration it seems is that there is a lack of administrative support, or not enough of it, when it comes to enrollment. They are poorly funded and in the past have had to fundraise for their own graduation. However, with their new interim department chair and their current search for a new chair, it seems that things are changing. I've heard the faculty are amazing and very pro-student and fulfill a lot of the role that admin is unable to do due to staffing issues. It does seem that the school better prepares you for a classroom setting over clinical but there are ample opportunities to get externship experiences in both settings. The alumni I spoke with did his clinical at Stanford's Hospital. I personally want to work in a school setting so this is a plus for me.
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