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  1. Will you be accepting a position there or committing elsewhere
  2. Just got my letter. Was accepted! Any word on your end?
  3. Waiting on responses myself. Did the interview. I think it went well but still nothing in the mail. They said that the letters would go out on the 15th no?
  4. No, they said they would mail out decisions on the 15th. Waited all day yesterday and heard nothing. I'm hoping I get an answer today. I'm from Fresno, so I don't see why it should take this long to get an answer. How did your interview go?
  5. No they did not. I'm also curious if the letters/emails they sent out to us were identical?
  6. I got waitlisted at SFSU and just did my in person interview at Fresno State. Got rejected from CAL which was quite depressing. Waiting for SFSU is so stressful.
  7. Program: Applying for a Masters in Social Work Applying for the Fall 2018 start date. --------------------------------------- Schools applying: UCLA CAL SFSU CSU Long Beach CSU Northridge --------------------------------------- University of California Undergraduate degree: Major - History Minor - Middle Eastern South Asian Studies --------------------------------------- CGPA 2.9 --------------------------------------- Letters of Recommendation 3 of my Professors have pledged to write me excellent letters of rec --------------------------------------- Relevant Work Experience Director of local community organization / 3yrs Committee for at-risk youth boys camp / 3yrs Outdoors activities coordinator / 3yrs Veterans family outreach / 2yrs Founder/Director minority veterans org / 5yrs Hurricane Katrina relief effort / 1mo --------------------------------------- Past Work Experience Infantryman - U.S. Marines /4 years Factory worker for a shipping company /2 years Farm labor /3 yrs --------------------------------------- Goals: Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Wish to work with youth or veterans. Low income communities. Work within my own community. Local, state or federal agencies will be fine --------------------------------------- Funding: Veterans Administration will cover me costs for the MSW --------------------------------------- Questions and concerns My GPA is terrible. I am embarrassed even sharing. How do I look overall? I am a High School dropout as well though I did obtain a GED. This was years ago. Not sure if this is relevant when applying to a social work programs? I hear San Francisco is a difficult school to get into. Should I apply anyways or save myself the trouble. It took me a very long time to get to a university. My time there was not the greatest. I was working through a lot of family issues and struggles relating to my time in the Marine Corps. Therefore I can account for my substandard GPA and grades. But does that matter to someone who is reading over an application? Thanks for reading this over. Do you think I have a good shot?
  8. Former Marine here, applying to MSW programs myself! UCLA, Berkeley included. I did get my honorable discharge though. I can ask my veterans counselor at my University about how this types of discharge impacts veterans applying to schools. But, what i do know is that what happens in the military usually does not follow you into the civilian world. You might not recieve benefits but what the military charges you for does not transfer over to the civilian world? I have three njps and one that was swiped under the rug by my company. Didn't have any impact on me. But i'll check with a counselor today and let you know!
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