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  1. I applied and was accepted to the University of Florida, FSU, and UCF. While my GPA was high, my GRE was very very low, and I know several other students who had lower GPAs but higher GREs. I think your experience and your letter of intent and letters of rec will play huge roles in your chance, so don't let a low GPA discourage you from applying (and i promise, yours really isn't low). I chose to attend FSU and there is an option to apply to the dual MS/PhD program if you are really serious about a PhD. Many of the Florida schools love research interests too, so this will hold a lot of weight in your applications. I'd consider you a strong candidate.
  2. I think it really depends on your extracurriculars. I had a 145 quantitative, 149 qualitative, and a 5.5 in writing and I was accepted to schools in DC, Massachusetts (including BU), florida, and colorado. They were all big schools too. Many schools are starting to look at what you have more control over (personal statement, grades, relationships with professionals and professors, and extracurricular activities that build a resume). I believe these weigh much more heavily than a GRE, so do not limit your choices to schools that are known for accepting low GRE if you have a strong background. Every school I applied to had very high GRE averages.
  3. I declined my acceptance offers to the University of Central Florida (Summer), UMASS Amherst, and Gallaudet University
  4. Group for Florida State University (SLP Master's Program): https://www.facebook.com/groups/1908753272744146/
  5. Congratulations on your acceptance- what an amazing accomplishment! Where did you check your portal? Was it just by logging into this website https://grad.apply.colorado.edu/account/login?r=https%3a%2f%2fgrad.apply.colorado.edu%2fapply%2fstatus ? Or did you have to create an email with Boulder? Thanks in advance!
  6. For those of you considering attending Gallaudet University, whether waitlisted or accepted, what are some of the key reasons why you would attend? I know it's an amazing school that provides unique immersion, clinical sign specialty, and diverse clinical opportunities in the DC area, but I'd love to hear some more opinions!
  7. nothing from CU Boulder yet! I'm really hoping we hear from them today before the weekend. But if not, it'll probably be sometime next week
  8. Thank you! I did not know the program director personally- I am out of state. The change has not yet been made on my SPIRE account, however, the email noted that not everyone has been notified yet.
  9. I was accepted to Umass last night at 10pm via email from the program director. Very excited! Is anyone a Umass undergrad, or someone more familiar that can tell me more about the program?
  10. I am currently an undergraduate at FSU and it's an amazing program! FSU is a leading research university, so there are many opportunities to get involved either shadowing research or contributing to research in the program. We have an FSU Speech and Hearing Clinic, which will host the bulk of your shadowing and clinical experience during your Master's program. Clinical work is completed first in the presence of a faculty member who will give you feedback and tips, and then you will start implementing treatment solo. The faculty is incredible, and a huge reason I myself would choose FSU. I also love the campus and community feel FSU has- you will get nothing short of a great education there!
  11. I believe we will hear sometime this week based on what I've heard from other UF undergraduates. Anxiously awaiting
  12. I am also anxiously awaiting on Umass Amherst. Do you think we'd find out through the portal or through an email?
  13. If it seems nobody has heard back by the end of next week, I'll probably call! I'm so anxious haha
  14. Anybody have more of an idea of when Umass will release their first wave of acceptances? From the last few years, it seems they released their decisions this week! Any insight would be helpful
  15. Has anyone heard back from the department regarding their specific interview time and confirmation? I know we were supposed to hear back from the department today by 5pm at the latest
  16. Hi guys! Can anybody applying to Gallaudet for a Master's in Speech-Language Pathology describe to me in detail how to check if the program has received my GRE or transcripts? I've emailed them several times for more detail but they respond again and again again to check my Student Center? Is that the same as my graduate application? I'm still in the process of completing my application, but I've checked actually everywhere and I can't see where received documents show up. Can somebody please help
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