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  1. Well maybe I am too over-reacted. But the deadline for making a decision is April 15. I guess the school should send out the rejections on or before April 15. And this is the only school doing this. I applied for 15 schools this application cycle. All other schools sent out decisions Jan/Feb/March. But anyways, I was just a little upset. Thank you
  2. I just received a rejection from a Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program (UIC) today! May 14!!! This school is ridiculous. There is no contact at all after I submitted my application. There is no rejection letter. I just got an email saying status update in my application account, and when I log in, it just says denied. There is NOTHING else. For me, this school is really unprofessional, and I feel like they just want my application money. Although I have already assumed that I have been rejected, it is really unbelievable that the decision is released in the middle of May, and in a very unprofessional manner. Luckily, I will attend a Ph.D. program in this coming Fall. I want to know is it common? I want to let future applicants know that such schools exist, and if you could, maybe better avoid it.
  3. I would say also look at the placement data to see the percentage of people getting APA approved sites to evaluate the school. I personally would not apply for any non-APA approved programs. Also the cost of the program. I think most PsyD programs are not funded (some of them do). The most important thing is still research interest match tho. It is important that you enjoy the area that your mentor is doing research at.
  4. I did a clinical psychology master (Marriage and Family Therapy) after undergrad. Because I was worried that if I am still unable to get accepted by the PhD program afterwards, at least I can get a master-level license. During my master year, I was very involved in research, and my CV is full of research experience. I manage to get 6 posters, and a manuscript (currently under review). I get accepted by a Counseling Psychology PhD program this application cycle:) Based on my interview experience, I see many candidates with master degree. I am not sure if it is true about clinical psychology program. If you are gonna take a gap year and want to maximize your opportunity to get into a PhD program, focus on research, get paper published. There are some lab manager and paid research assistant jobs.
  5. Congratulations about your acceptance first! That's really disrespectful. On the bright side, I would say you avoid a poorly organized program. Honestly, I have no idea if you should let the admission committee know that:( As an international student myself, I totally understand the frustration, and worried about the mistreatment. BTW based on your id, you are in Counseling Psychology field? If you are, me too! I haven't met lots of international students in the counseling psychology field.
  6. I totally agreed with what's been said above. There are not many master programs providing funding. And you got tuition waived! It looks good to me. But I am not in the same area...I would say talking to the current students to see if they have any suggestions.
  7. I sent some emails to the professors I like to work with during summer prior to the application season. Some of them replied and gave me some background of the program and their research work. Not all professors update their website so it is nice to know more about their research work. For example, one of my POI's interest is in prevention instead of treatment. From the website, I couldn't tell. By knowing it, I put more focus on discussing prevention studies in my personal statement to match my POI's interest. I think it is very helpful. Regard being a volunteer in the lab, I believe the professor can tell your intention and it feels kinda pushy. I am not sure. I know some professors take students from his/her lab but others prefer students with more diverse research background. Definitely continue doing research but not necessarily with the one you have interest in.
  8. I went to an phd interview lately and found out half of the first year grad students at that school got married, and many of the other grad students are engaged or in a serious relationship, while I am single. It is the other way around of your situation haha I don't think people care about their cohort marital status...
  9. I would definitely ask for an extension and explained to them that you need more time to make a decision.
  10. I made a huge mistake in my first application cycle because I kinda solely focus on school's ranking, and it did not get me anywhere. I focused more on the reputation while didn't develop a deep research interest at that time. Last year, I re-applied. I knew my research interest and applied almost all the schools matching my research interest. That being said, lots of prestigious schools do not have professors doing the research I want to do. The fitness is really really important for a doctoral program. I will spend 6 years on one topic and I would like doing something I love to do! My advice is knowing what you really want to do and then search the program matches your interest. Reputation is important too but not the first factor to be considered.
  11. Hi All! I am moving to Houston this coming Fall to attend University of Houston! I want to rent an apartment or a room in a house in a safe neighborhood. I will have a car so it's ok to be a little bit far. I saw most posts are about areas close to Rice. Is it far from UH? Please help me with it! I am so excited while very clueless lol Thx.
  12. Gre matters! I talked to a professor at a very prestigious school before and he suggested to get 90% on GRE to be competitive. Many schools post average GRE school online and it can be a reference. However, I do not have a competitive GRE score but still get into a program so I guess the minimum line is to reach the average score of the school. I would say connection matters somehow but not entirely. I know people work in the professor's lab applied for the same professor but didn't get into the program. I would suggest to send out emails in summer to reach out the potential PI so they can have an impression on you (even talk over the phone or meet in person if possible). Your experience is a BIG plus! Publication is really important!
  13. I live very close to USC (walking distance) and the rent is 650. I have my own room but there are 3 other people in the house. Restroom, living room area and kitchen are all shared. 650 is a great deal! I have a car so I am mobile. There are some housing apartments almost exclusively for USC students such as Lorenzo and Tuscany (all shared) so it will be easier to make friends.
  14. Hi All! I received an email stating that there will be a group interview of applicants. I am wondering do any of you have this experience? And do you mind sharing some advice? Thank you so much!
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