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  1. Here’s a question from a yearning heart! If a school already sent out acceptances and waitlists, would it be best to consider that school a rejection? I recently found out from the forums (I used to rely only on the results page) that U of Southern California sent out 12 waitlists, which was a painful moment, not having seen any on the results page. Also, the delay of sending out rejections makes one hope for a brighter future. But I prefer the guillotine.
  2. Hopeful and Not


    Thank you for OP for making this thread. But I am curious if it is possible/appropriate to ask for SoPs (and maybe WS) from people who made it into schools I was/am shooting for, since they are to an extent personal. I do not want to come off as impolite.
  3. Judging from the results, I am adding Wash U, BU, and UVA to the list. Congrats to all those who got into their dream schools!
  4. Hopeful and Not

    2019 Applicants

    Thinking of giving them scented candles I made myself.
  5. Hopeful and Not

    2019 Acceptances

    This has been the most realistic (and probably how I would have reacted) reaction ever on this forum I hope you all the best with the visit!
  6. Hopeful and Not

    2019 Applicants

    Try googling “gradcafe results” and specify “english” from the site. You can see the results from wayyyyy back edit: spelling
  7. Carefully adding BU to the list of IR. And perhaps NYU and USC.
  8. Hopeful and Not

    2019 Acceptances

    Congrats to the one that got accepted to USC. Wondering if there are more out there. (should I add USC to IR list).
  9. The duke rejection has arrived. Good luck to those who are wait-listed, if there are any!
  10. After a wave of acceptances from a few schools that I applied to, I am wondering (hoping) if international students have a later notification date, and if there are more waves coming afterwards. edit: I mean, from the schools that already accepted a number of students.
  11. Hello to all fellow sufferers! I hope everyone is holding on to their sanity. For myself, I am keeping myself busy with anything unrelated to academics, throwing in an hour or so of listening to Victorian novels I never had the chance to read. But with February fast approaching and preparing for the absolute worst, I figured It would be nice to spend some time working on my writing skilllllz. With that said, do you have any writing guides or books (focused more on writing/ researching/ preparing journal articles) which proved helpful? In general, a book that goes over the processes of writing a research article. Thanks and wish you all the best!
  12. Hopeful and Not

    Faculty Advisor Titles

    I had similar worries! I think a safe bet is to go with associate or full Professors. And if you are planning to write down a professor that is extremely old and may not be taking any more graduate students, look for another associate professor, since they are most likely younger. It is always good to have at least two professors you want to work with in the department. Cheers!
  13. Hopeful and Not

    Resume vs CV?

    Most schools specify what they want. And most schools prefer a cv, which do not have a page limit. But I came across USC that asks for a one page resume. So read the instructions carefully
  14. Hopeful and Not

    GRE Subject Test?

    My scores were on the low side (78%) but I sent them anyway to recommended schools (NYU and Wash U). That said, I know my scores won't give me an edge, but I don't think it will hurt me either. A 54%, however, may be problematic when they compare your scores to others. So I personally think it is better if you don't send your scores. Your GRE verbal, Writing and GPA are fantastic, so don't tarnish their "WOW this person has great scores" perception. Just my two cents. Edit: grammar
  15. I am curious about this as well. To add to the OP, some schools provide a percentile that provides a clearer picture of where I stood in terms of actual performance. But when I converted the gpa and percentile to a 4.0 scale, the numbers were different (3.69 vs 3.81 or smth).

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