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  1. I did not get an interview and received my mass rejection letter today. Maybe if you did not, then they are keeping you in the running as an alternate? Best of luck!
  2. I always just think of everyone there as potential friends with clearly similar interests who are going through the same exciting/stressful situation as I am. It's exciting meeting people whose interests and experiences align so closely with mine. It's not a competition, it's a somewhat mutual selection process, so even if the PI picks them over me then I'm happy for them because they must have been a great match for each other.
  3. Northwestern Feinberg said invites should go out by this Friday. Someone posted recently that someone they know believes the invite emails will go out on Friday.
  4. We each interviewed individually! As far as I know group interviews are very uncommon.
  5. I think the norm is each POI interviewing ~5 people. But I've seen some interview ~10 if they're interested in taking a couple students, and I had a POI interview just 2 of us.
  6. It really varies a lot. At a recent interview, they told us not to freak out if it happened to be months until we heard back, because the program also has to wait until they know exactly how many students they can fund. It did turn out they made offers the following week though lol. After another interview, I heard back about waitlist status from one POI after maybe a week, and a rejection from the other POI after maybe a month, when the program had told us to expect to hear back in 2 weeks. so if it's been a while, it could just be because they don't yet know how many offers they c
  7. I assumed it's just so if the POI or someone else searched their name on google then it wouldn't ping to this forum. Maybe to keep internet search results focused on more relevant pages, maybe to not raise the POI's curiosity to click the link here and potentially see someone they're interviewing speaking unprofessionally, or some professors may not love the idea that you've publicly revealed information about your invitation before they send rejections I'm honestly clueless but figured it was something along those lines.
  8. Since they included the part saying feel free to ignore the offer if you are local, I would stay at your own place. I normally fully encourage the opportunity to stay with a current student, but if I were a current student hosting an applicant, I would feel kind of weird about someone within the same city wanting to stay with me despite not actually needing somewhere to stay. In my interview experiences, none of the applicants were actually local, so I would assume the offer is intended for those traveling. Congratulations, and best of luck!!
  9. Mine was mostly business casual. I am female, and I wore dark jeans, a casual/stylish blazer, and flats. A girl next to me wore chinos and a chiffon-ish buttondown top. I believe guys were mostly in buttondowns.
  10. This is a good chance to tie in your personal experiences to the lab you're applying to. For example, maybe you have lots of experience with a certain technique or approach they use, or experience working with a specific population. Something similar in essence to your personal statement about how your experiences have shaped you into a great match for them. I'd focus more on how those personal experiences of yours make you a great match for the lab and not worry about the comparison aspect of it.
  11. Hi! I've had a couple interviews and wanted to share some details that may be helpful to some. As far as dress goes, these were clinical psych phd interviews, and every single person in attendance was in a pantsuit. For women, most wore flats and a wide assortment of blouses. One interview experience was full of more structured interview questions including: 1. Why should we pick you personally over other qualified candidates 2. What are your greatest strengths and room for improvement 3. Describe a time you had conflict at work and what you did, if anything, to resolve it
  12. I only emailed 2 because it was not listed on their websites if they were taking students or not. I applied to 10 and have gotten 1 invite, from a POI I did not contact. I wouldn't worry until you start to see people posting about invitations from your schools, though. That's my strategy to keep my cool anyway. This week and next should be the most fruitful, as far as invitations go.
  13. I would do something starting along the lines of "Dear XXX, I am pleased/delighted/etc to accept your offer." and ending along the lines of "I look forward to meeting everyone!" and maybe/probably an extra sentence or two to personalize it but still keep it short and polite
  14. Does anyone have examples of questions in interviews you've experienced or heard about that were unexpected? I am trying to prepare myself for as much as possible to prevent nervous rambling if an unforeseen question catches me off guard. I know most are pretty straightforward (research experience, interests, etc.), but I would love to hear about any trickier questions to be prepared for. For example, someone posted earlier in this thread about being asked to name specific publications with authors/dates/etc they had read recently (or something very similar to this).
  15. Saw this and was also wondering. However, it says they were invited December 19th, which is within a day of when two people posted UT Austin Counseling Psychology invitations, and UT invited clinical people mid-ish January last year, so I feel like it's safe to assume it was counseling, or at least not clinical.
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