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  1. Worries: I didnt get accepted in an american program, one of my friends who has a worse resume (he said so himself) got in, the one difference that we had is that in our statements of purpose he talked about the struggles of studying in mexico and I avoided doing that because I don't feel like my position is that much worse than many other people, is talking about that stuff such a huge factor? Excitement: I have a strong chance in an European program according to the dean of admissions
  2. So all rejections and I just have one option left sooooo... IT'S THE FINAL COUNTDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Hahaha I kinda was, maybe 2 months ago when I was younger and full of hope it would have hurt more, but there is still hope.
  4. Not sure if I should put this on this thread but read this: "On behalf of this university's selection commitee we would like to apologize for the rejection email, that email was sent by mistake due to an error in our system and it was intended for another applicant, as of now the committee has not ruled in your application" So good news for me bad news to the other person, so sorry man
  5. Currently doing a masters and I just wanted to kill my advisor about an hour ago, I've been doing my project with him for almost 2 years and today not only did he add more things to it but he complained that I wasn't fast enough, originally I proposed him a project and he rejected it because he had one already in the works and I (horriblle mistake now I realize) agreed to work on it, he has done multiple changes to the original scope of the project and sometimes he even tries to guilt trip me into working harder by saying that the university is really looking forward to this project, but he seems to forget that I also talk to most people in the university and I know that everyone but him considers that I already done enough for my degree, I am venting out now because not only am I supposed to graduate in June and he changed today the scope of the project again but he told me this wonderful quote "I don't need grad students I do it as a favor to you, you are not the ones helping me" I honestly don't think that this applies to my case when he has been depending on reports of this project like twice a month. Also I don't think is fair to complain about progress when you change the scope every month I just really wanted to scream to something.
  6. Galaxy Quest Im sorry but we cant be friends
  7. Give them some time after my fifth rejection I did nothing but watch friends and how i met your mother for the next week.
  8. Hey I just realized you got in, CONGRATULATIONS!
  9. 5 rejections 1 waitlist no pending, I am stressing out way more than before any of the rejections
  10. Still haven't heard for all of my applications but I am pretty certain that I won't get in, personally I think it was my GRE scores, so I will probably retake them, but the thing that I am not sure how to feel about it's the fact that I did what I could do, I have some papers, good letters of recommendation (my professors where very happy when I asked them beacuse they believe more people should do research) and a decent TOEFL score, there aren't many research labs in my country or at least many that would let you volunteer without a phd, I am not saying that I could't have done better but still it feels like even if I tried my best I still wouldn't be good enough. Sorry if this bums out anyone but I would like to add a quote of my favorite captain that I watched in a rerun after some of my rejections. It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness. That is life. Good Luck to everyone.
  11. Worries: So I have a masters from my country and I don't think I will get accepted in a phd, but someone tolde me that at least in their country a foreigner with a masters is kinda viewed as too qualified for a masters and not qualified enough for a phd, hopefully that guy was just a horrible person.
  12. I'm planning to make an academia to english dictionary: Mid februay - From January till April Several times in February: Like one time an then dead silent for months Early March - LOL Nope
  13. This might sound idealistic but it kinda brings joy to my heart that there is a lot of people willing to dedicate their lifes to science.
  14. I spent my saving on the TOEFL the GRE and the applications I dont make that much money since right now I am a masters students with scholarship (less than $500 dls a month) and haven't got accepted anywhere this is kiling me, if I don't get in somewhere I honestly don't think I will be able to face my family
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