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  1. I'm still on it. Yeah you have to email them about getting off the list.
  2. My SGS just changed to decision made as well hmmm
  3. Do you know if your acorn/rosi stated "invited"??
  4. oh god im so nervous for tomorrow now. my ACORN status hasn't changed either and I'm still "under review" D: Good luck to everyone!
  5. Yeah I called a few times today too but no one picked up. I'll let you guys know if/when someone emails me back lol
  6. Ahh where the heck are these munk acceptances! I'm so antsy about it!
  7. I haven't heard from munk and my application still says "under review"
  8. I graduated Feb 2016 so I've been out for a bit. I took the year to learn more and get better experience so that I could apply to my masters. I actually applied to Munk last year and it was the only school and I didn't get in but I think it was for the best because now I feel wayyyyy more prepared for whatever school I go to.
  9. I have been creeping on this thread for any scraps of info for a few weeks now LOL. I am so nervous.