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  1. And you are DONE!! CONGRATULATIONS!! Guys, it's already April 15th where I'm at. Whatever the outcome of this cycle was for you, congratulations on making it this far and not jumping off a cliff. I've done a whole bunch of things career-wise and I can honestly say that the application process is no joke, one of the most stressful processes I've ever been through. Also, just making the decision to continue with school takes a lot of courage, so kudos to us all!
  2. OH Dear - I just now noticed that sad little gray "nothing yet" in your signature UGH if only we could get rid of that!!!
  3. What the ?! I guess this type of thing really isn't that rare ?!?!
  4. I can imagine it was absolutely terrible telling your supervisor, but congratulations on the decision and YAY for new adventures!
  5. Two of my friends each had one school that NEVER got back to them with a final result and they had to assume they didn't get in when they didn't hear back by April 15. It's really not a big deal especially if you got into the school you want, but I feel like it's unprofessional of such schools... Hopefully it's just a mistake :/
  6. Ooooh!!!!! Thanks so much! Exactly what I needed to know and a site I didn't know about! Yay!
  7. It's really creepy but Amazon has figured out I'm going to grad school even before I've even enrolled @.@ It keeps advertising Amazon Prime Student but it doesn't really have a lot of info on what the benefits are. Does anyone know what the difference is between prime and prime student? Pros and cons? Why does everything have to be so confusing
  8. There's really no easy way about this. I have similar research interests and basically went and looked at like 100 schools that had Communication programs and looked for those with Rhetoric tracks and faculty whose research I liked. Some programs you can start with are: U Wisconsin-Madison Comm Arts U Iowa Comm Studies Ohio U Comm Bowling Green State U U Penn Annenberg U Minnesota Twin Cities U Illinois Urbana Champaign Comm U Illinois Urbana Champaign institute of Comm research (or something like that) U Massachusetts Amherst Temple U UC San Diego U North Carolina Chapel Hill I suggest looking at the Natcom website, they have a guide to grad programs. Also, if there's a book or article you like, check out where the author is at. There's also a forum on gradcafe for Communication. Good luck!
  9. Ooh!! Proof that it is a small world! Is that where you think you'll end up?
  10. Oh - sending out those "no, I don't want to go there" letters was the WORST - I know that this is all part and parcel of the process for schools, but some of the professors I was turning down had been super helpful throughout the entire process and I'd been in touch with them since October. I pain-stakingly wrote the emails and tried my best to show that I was still interested in their research.. I hate saying no to people, I know what you mean - so I really wished I could have someone else tell the schools, like when you use your best friend to break up with someone in middle school lol Good luck - it'll be okay!! and you'll make the school you commit to very happy! Happy to see another future rhetorician!
  11. Recap of programs that I know had interviews: U Wisconsin-Madison Temple U Iowa West Virginia UIC All of these were Skype or phone interviews. UC Santa Barbara invited people on their short list for an open house, which I guess could count as an interview since it was held before admission decisions were sent out. If I'm missing any, please chime in! (Schools with no interviews: U Penn, Ohio U, Bowling Green State U, U Mass Amherst, Purdue, UC Davis)
  12. @MinaminoTeku messaged you! @heyDW WOOT!!!!
  13. Ooh!! Choosing really isn't as fun as I thought it would be... Did you get a chance to visit the schools? Can I ask which two you're choosing between?
  14. @TakeruK I may have to end up naming my firstborn after your gradcafe handle.Thank you so much!! I'll have to bookmark this for next year!