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  1. Recap of programs that I know had interviews: U Wisconsin-Madison Temple U Iowa West Virginia UIC All of these were Skype or phone interviews. UC Santa Barbara invited people on their short list for an open house, which I guess could count as an interview since it was held before admission decisions were sent out. If I'm missing any, please chime in! (Schools with no interviews: U Penn, Ohio U, Bowling Green State U, U Mass Amherst, Purdue, UC Davis)
  2. @MinaminoTeku messaged you! @heyDW WOOT!!!!
  3. Ooh!! Choosing really isn't as fun as I thought it would be... Did you get a chance to visit the schools? Can I ask which two you're choosing between?
  4. @TakeruK I may have to end up naming my firstborn after your gradcafe handle.Thank you so much!! I'll have to bookmark this for next year!
  5. Congratulations! I have a friend in the English program at Madison. It really was cold, wasn't it? I think the English department's welcome weekend was a week before mine, but I'm pretty sure it was still cold! I'll be moving from Seoul Korea.. so starting to worry about housing already! How about you?
  6. Ah, sorry about that - but at least you know what their process is like, and it will maybe save someone else some time come next application process. Are you still waiting on other schools? @michellelaura92 woot! what school are you visiting?? Are you weighing multiple choices? I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy to be done waiting and weighing and it felt like a huge weight off my shoulders once I gave my final yes to the school I'll be attending this fall. Good luck!
  7. Hi all, I'll be attending Communication Arts PhD program at U Wisconsin-Madison this fall. Really liked the campus and city when I visited last week and am super excited. Thought it'd be good to start a new thread to share info on housing or just mingle especially since the school is so interdisciplinary with the PhD minor and all Maybe start by sharing what program everyone is in? I'm personally also looking for a roommate
  8. Done! Thankful that I won't have to do this over again. 3 years of prep is enough. Gonna go burn some GRE books!!

    1. OptimiscallyAnxious



    2. I_mix


      AHHHH Congrats!!! Super happy for you!

    3. DBear


      @OptimiscallyAnxious thank you!! @I_mix Thank you so much! Hope you will be done with this roller coaster soon!!

  9. Someone on here was admitted, if you look a couple of threads down on the Comm forum, there's an decision date thread, that will show you when they were notified. You can also check the results database, that has more posts than this thread
  10. Been following this thread pretty closely but don't recall anyone mentioning that school. Have you checked the results database?
  11. Can't believe it's already the second week of March - Hoping that the schools that haven't gotten back to students will hurry up and get back to everyone!
  12. rapid response
  13. @Eshtah regarding the tax treaty that @TakeruK mentions - if you google "France US tax treaty" for example, you should easily be able to find if your country has a treaty or not. If it does, it should also have information about what you are exempt from. @TakeruK I found the tax treaty and seems that I am exempt but haven't filed taxes in the U.S. for such a long time so, do you know, by any chance, if there's a box I tick off on my tax returns or if I'll just automatically be exempt and it will show up on my W2 (if that's what is was) or if you have to request a refund or something? I'm hoping maybe the international student office would know since the school I'm most likely going to be at is a big school with a large int'l student population, but tax stuff is hard.. so.. Also, would such treaties exempt one from state tax? From what I can tell, this seems to be specific for federal income tax.. but not sure.. Thanks!
  14. I did two MAs - the first one I started when I was 25 (turned 26 shortly after the first semester started) - This was a policy program and I was a bit mid-range but most people were my age give or take a couple of years and there were several students already in their 30s I started my second MA when I was 33 (turned 34 shortly after the first semester started) and this was in a humanities program and the majority were straight out of undergrad- so I was by far the oldest in my cohort - I was very scared that I would not be able to get along with my peers but it was okay and turned out great! I will be starting my PhD at 36 -so I know that feeling of anxiety when you think "I'll be XX years old when I finish!" but if that's what you are passionate about - go for it! I found that there was always at least one person who was even older than me lol like at my second MA, when I was the oldest in my cohort, someone even older than me in their 40s started 2 semesters or so after I did. I'm not sure what negativity you are referring to when it comes to age, but when I started freaking out about my age, a couple of my professors told me that they had started late, and that made me feel better. More than anything though - I knew that if I didn't do it, I'd regret it - and then I really would be too scared to pursue further studies if I delayed it any longer. If let the fear of being a student in my 30's with practically 0 steady income stop me from pursuing my studies, I was sure that at 40, I'd really regret it and by then I'd be even more scared because of my age and then end up never going back to school and regretting that. From time to time, I look at my friends who stayed at work and I see their lifestyle and see them buying houses and stuff and it feels strange, but I'm feeling so much more fulfilled with my life and career path than a lot of my friends so I know I did the right thing.
  15. @clarwyn That sounds like a great plan! Thanks for asking - I got really lucky this year and won't have to go through this again next year - that's just such a relief - the decision-making process was excruciating, but hope you get to be like "oh... that's why Dbear said that last year - this really does suck" - next year! I had a good friend in an earlier iteration of grad school who moved to CA with her husband, who was a police officer and it worked out well for them, so I have a good feeling about this for you too! If it comes time and you need an extra set of eyes to look for typos in your SOP or something like that - let me know! I have a good memory so will remember you!