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  1. I'd say you have a pretty strong application assuming your General GRE scores turn out well. Do you have any pubs or poster presentations at conferences? That would be beneficial and show your commitment to research vs just clinical work. That being said, I think the Statment of Purpose you write will need to tie all of these experiences together and explain why clinical psych phd is the next logical step. A strong SOP is really what put me over the top (so says my new mentor anyways), so I think that's what separates the successful applicant from the pool of very very very qualified people.
  2. I just saw this. Thank you!!! I appreciate it. Yes, it apparently is one of the most competitive programs in the country, so I am still kinda amazed. Here's to hoping imposter syndrome doesn't kick in, but keeping just enough of it to always remain humble.
  3. UF

    I interviewed at UF and did not hear back. However, I've already accepted an offer at my top choice and I emailed the DCT to ask him to remove my app from further consideration. I presumed I was wait listed because of not hearing back, and he wrote back a very nice email. Best of luck with UF or elsewhere!
  4. Most schools wesbites list it somewhere under "apply" about their averages. You can also find a lot of information under "student outcomes and admissions data" too. Again, you will find this info on each school's website.
  5. Is UNB University of New Brunswick? If so, you can google the answer. I did it for you: http://www.unb.ca/fredericton/arts/graduate/psychology/clinical/apply/index.html You can look at programs across the country and most have info about the successful mean GPR, GRE, etc. of applicants. It really varies quite a bit.
  6. Not necessarily. Some schools don't tell people their wait list status because if the first choice rejects, they would move on ASAP to the second choice to accept them. If you tell someone they are wait-listed, they might be less inclined to wait for your offer unless they are desperate.
  7. The crazy thing is profs see this. My undergrad mentor (DCT at my institution) regularly looks at this forum for sheer amusement. The person lists their poi by name and links them to the conversation. Makes both the poi and the applicant look like total a$$holes.
  8. I don't know of such a website, and if you're talking about clinical programs I don't know which programs would still have apps open in February... maybe be ask your mentor?
  9. School: Boston University Program: Clinical PsychologyDate of Notification: 2/28/17Method of Notification: Phone call from POI (official email of admission to follow from the graduate school)Thoughts: I am so honored to receive an offer of admission at BU. I will be accepting the offer because this is my top choice school! :-) Best wishes to everyone as the season goes on! I am rooting for all of you because we need more clinicians and researchers to answer the world's biggest problems.
  10. Just be genuine? I mean it's nice to send thank you notes shortly after the interview (1-2 days) as long as you don't sound presumptious or pushy.
  11. Generally, holding onto more than 2 (or really 1) offers is frowned upon. Of course, it's hard to know if you don't know the funding. So if you haven't already, I would call and ask about it. If the funding is the one issue that distinguishes between the two programs, figuring this out is important. However, generally deciding about climate and the program's pros/cons should be sufficient to decline offers. So Tldr good luck getting sorting things out quickly and then letting go of a spot you don't want.
  12. From working with the DCT at my undergrad institution and seeing some hiring processes, fit appears to be at least as important as program prestige. You can go to Harvard, SDSU/UCSD, UCLA, (insert strong program here in your sub field) and work with an awful advisor and not publish anything. You could go to a less "prestigious" school and have a good match and publish some great pubs and be set. Idk it's such a toss for me between some of my programs and match will be the most important thing. That AND potential to be on some high impact pubs.
  13. Not that this justifies anything, but it is possible s/he is going more into research. As someone wanting to do more research, I can tell you that researchers can often have a grandiose sense of self-worth. That's why a balance of the scientist-practicioner model is so important, IMO. That being said, I've met some interesting purely clinical folks over the years and they, too, can be overly egotistical. Sure, you are great for helping out others, but c'mon.
  14. Still nothing on my end either. Best of luck, though! I am sure once they send out offers it will get out.
  15. Well, what types of programs are you applying to? If you applied to a Ph.D. program in Clinical, odds are they probably want to hear you say "in academia/a tenure track position at a research institution or research hospital." Gernally, Ph.D. programs tend to frown upon full practice. (DISCLAIMER: this is based off of my experience working with the DCT at my undergrad institution.) Nobody expects you know 100% what you want to do/where you will be doing it. However, they want to know if you are more lreaning towards science or practice. That being said, most people (myself included) want to practice in some degree, so it's not wrong. If you are applying to Psy.D. programs than this is a whole different story.