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  1. I agree with the advice @GreenEyedTrombonist gave you. I got my MA at a university where all grad students were required to take courses in all of the subdisciplines of anthropology (and encouraged to take courses in other departments on campus), and one result was that interdisciplinary theses were quite common. I would definitely reach out to/investigate your favorite departments and see if they foster that kind of environment. I know a cultural anthropology PhD who got their BA and MA in archaeology. It could happen.
  2. Although I got a MA in anthropology, my PhD is in a different discipline. I wanted to say that up front before you read my advice. I think you've got a good idea with "beefing up" your extracurricular activities. First thing first though, I think a successful graduate school application is often about having a "narrative" that ties all of your experiences together and that can relate to what you want to do in graduate school. I suggest thinking about what it is you want to study with a graduate degree in anthropology and how extracurricular activities can connect you to that goal. Try
  3. I love UCI, because my department has given me a ton of support in a variety of ways, and I've made some great connections in other departments at UCI and in SoCal. I grew up in a rural environment and I'm sometimes amazed how easily I've adapted to a suburban place like Irvine. Mostly I don't mind it, because there is a lot of interesting stuff in easy distance (by car at any rate).
  4. I'm a digital ethnographer! My master's thesis was based on digital ethnographic methods, as well as my current project, and very likely my PhD dissertation, too!
  5. Thanks for posting this information! I just moved to California. On the East Coast I was a member of the Southern Anthropological Society and I hadn't tracked down the equivalent out here yet (probably because I kind of switched disciplines.)
  6. First time applicant. I'm currently a first year PhD student in Informatics.
  7. This wasn't answered, but I'm still curious about the answer. I've just been accepted to UCI and I'm coming out this weekend to visit the campus and the area around Irvine. Any new information about on-campus housing for graduate students and things to do in the area would be appreciated. I'm particularly interested in the best Vietnamese restaurant, consignment shops, comic book and vinyl record stores, scenic areas, etc. Thanks!
  8. I know the PeaceCorps probably makes the most sense for an anthropologist, but have you also considered AmeriCorps? Depending on your research interests that might be an excellent way to gain some valuable experience and there may even be opportunities already available close to where you live.
  9. Thanks! Congrats to you too! I got accepted to OSU's anthropology MA program back in 2011. I ended up going to a different program and sometimes I regret that. It's a great school and everyone else in my family has gone to OSU. Go Buckeyes!
  10. I got a rejection email from them this morning. It was a generic email explaining that there were a large number of qualified applicants. I'm not too upset because I've been accepted to the UCI Informatics PhD program. Wishing you luck ecopolitiq!
  11. I totally understand your dilemma. When I got my Master's degree I chose to stay at my undergrad institution instead of going somewhere else and I still wonder what kind of opportunities I missed out on because I didn't take a risk and go to a different university. That being said, I don't think I was being a coward either and I had plenty of success with my MA. I had a good relationship with the faculty at my undergrad institution, an advisor in my areas of interest willing to work with me, an established network, and all the benefits of being in a small department. I found your post bec
  12. Hey bioarch_fan! I was chatting you up a while back on this thread and I mentioned that I have a Master's from the UWF anthropology program. Yesterday I was talking to one of the bio professors there (she was one of my LOR on my PhD applications) and she mentioned that the department had already made their recommendations, so you are just waiting for the graduate school there to notify you and that should be soon. I don't know about your situation specifically, but based on that conversation I have a good feeling for you!
  13. You're very welcome! I enjoy Little Rock except in the winter. I'm from Florida and I was not prepared for freezing temperatures and snow. The biggest issue I have with living in Little Rock is sales tax. The state of Arkansas has a 6.5% sales tax, the city of Little Rock levies a sales tax of 1.5%, and Pulaski County has a 1% sales tax. So really you're paying 8.5% sales tax on most things. My other complaints about Little Rock are that there aren't more used book stores and Vietnamese restaurants. If you can get used to those things, and make friends easy, Little Rock is not a bad place to l
  14. I'm sorry I saw this so late! I am currently attending a graduate program in Little Rock. I live in North Little Rock, but I'm going to talk about them as if they are the same place. I would say that you need a car to live here. This is especially true if you plan to live off campus in places where rent is cheapest and if you want to avoid having to walk places when it gets cold in the winter. (It does snow here sometimes.) There are no places I can think of that have a convenient walking distance to everything you would need (campus, grocery stores) and want to do (shopping, bars, theate
  15. I hope that's true. I already have an MA (in anthropology) and I'll have another one (in public service) by the time I start a potential PhD program. It took me awhile to realize how bad I wanted an anthropology PhD and I've had some great experiences along the way, but I worry that it looks like I'm not committed to anything or that I want to be a professional student. I have a similar issue. I've only identified 4 programs I'm interested in applying to (due to time and money constraints), but two of those programs are at the same university. Has anyone else dealt with this iss
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