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  1. Across the board rejections this year from every school. Until next year grad cafe..
  2. Just heard back from UBC. First rejection I don't mind too much because that was my lowest choice school, but still sucks
  3. So far no acceptances. Would not be surprised if I get across the board rejections
  4. I submitted an app in early October that I still haven't heard back from. =_=
  5. I applied for Ecology programs. I still haven't heard a word from Alberta, but I'm expecting admissions decisions for Calgary to come back late March.
  6. That's what I'm hoping! At this point I am sure my POI wants me because she has told the rest of the lab that "if we're lucky (My Name) will be joining us in Fall" so now it's just up to the school to accept me.
  7. So, I'm assuming you applied to multiple programs...did you form this relationship with a POI in every one of your schools? Or just your top choice?
  8. I'm an international for my uni but I'm an American citizen. I don't know how many of us there are, but that might skew it too because not everyone on grad cafe is only applying to US schools.
  9. I have a really great relationship with my POI, we have met multiple times, I've met the lab, and we've written a proposal together. Now, all the other grad students I talk to say that this is great and my acceptance is pretty much a given. But I am completely doubting myself and I'm not sure how normal it is to have a proposal with a POI at this point of the admissions process. Since I'm still waiting on my results and I want to just stress out about more things, I figured I'd make this thread, haha. Just out of curiosity--did you guys have a confirmed POI on acceptance?
  10. I got an email from my top choice that was supposed to release results today, and the subject line was "Admissions Decision". I saw the little banner of the title on my phone and immediately threw my phone across the room and started shaking and crying. I was with my boyfriend who made me look at it, he was getting really excited because of course he's 100% sure I'm getting in....anyway after about 5 minutes of crying and shaking, I looked at it and it says. RE: Admissions Decision "We're sorry but we have to inform you..." And then my heart died and shriveled up and shrunk but I kept reading. "....that a committee member is ill, and admissions decisions will not be released until the end of the month." Why would someone be so cruel to my heart.
  11. Just watched Cosmos. Talking about how massive the universe was made me feel a lot better about grad admissions lol.
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