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  1. ASU (industrial design) Vs. Parsons (industrial design) Vs. Art Center (environmental design) Which one would you choose? I need some advice ..
  2. ASU (industrial design) Vs. Parsons (industrial design) Vs. Art Center (environmental design) Which one would you choose? I need some advice to make a decision..
  3. I got an email on 17th Feb from RISD ID department about a questionnaire with 9 industrial design related questions. They gave me one week to finished it. I wonder if it counts as an interview or not?
  4. yea the waiting process is so excruciating and hope you will hear some good news soon! Mine is Industrial design ...
  5. Glad you got an interview ... I also applied to Parsons but haven't heard anything back... what's your field?
  6. Industrial Design 3+ years. It's my first acceptance! Still waiting for other schools
  7. Congrats!! I got accepted from them last week too!! what's your major?
  8. Did you apply for interior design? Yea best wishes to all!!! Hope we can hear from them soon!
  9. What program did you apply? Mine is industrial design... I got their email on Feb 3rd said I might be contacted by the department but haven't heard anything after then...
  10. Industrial Design I have applied to Parsons, Pratt, RISD, Cranbrook, Art center, ASU, Uart... Only got an interview with Uart at early January. RISD sent me an email said I may be contacted by the department but since then haven't heard anything back. If I didn't get interviews, did it mean I was rejected? Should I contact RISD or wait for their response? Very anxious ... any advice?
  11. Congrats!! I have applied for Parsons too but haven't heard a word from them yet ... which program did you apply for? Mine is industrial design, don't know if they require an interview...
  12. Hello, has anyone heard decisions from Parsons, Pratt, or RISD? If didn't get an interview with them, it meant I was rejected??
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