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  1. Itzik

    Psychometrist job?

    If you don’t mind, can I ask how you are finding psychometric & RA positions, I am struggling to find both in my area and in general.
  2. Itzik

    Fall 2019 Psychology - Where are you going?!

    I’m going to Fordham in September as well 👌🏼
  3. Itzik

    Fall 2020 Clinical & Counseling PhD/PsyD

    Hi everyone, I'm prepping to apply to a majority of counseling programs. Hopefully, will have a list of 22-24 programs of full funding, partial funding, and non funding programs. It might be challenging because my research interest is masculinity & help seeking behaviors but I’m feeling good about this cycle. If anyone knows mid tier programs that have PI with similar research, LET ME KNOW!
  4. Itzik

    Research Assistant Position

    This sounds awesome! I sent you a message.
  5. Itzik

    Another "help me with plan B" thread :(

    if you dont mind me asking, where are you finding these research coordinator positions?
  6. Itzik

    Lab manager positions at Umich and UVA

    Thanks for posting this! I am working on the applications now. Any tips?
  7. I am struggling with that as well. Where are you even finding these research positions?
  8. Hi Everyone, With the 2019 application cycle ending, I wanted to get everyone's input on how interviews went with faculty, POI, and current Students. I interviewed 2 times this cycle and got some great insight. I am interested in hearing about successful interviews and how an applicant answered a specific challenging question or a question on research. In addition, I asked for feedback from the 2 programs and got some great critical feedback to improve my interview skills for the next cycle. I interviewed for: Denver University (PSYD)- This was the strangest interview by far. I was asked a lot of questions about my current enrollment, thoughts about art, and less about my experience, skills, and why I want to be in the program. Some example questions were: -What is a piece of art that impacted your life in the last five years? -Dead or alive, three people you would want to have dinner with? -Teach me something I do not know I felt unprepared for these type of abstract questions, especially coming from a clinical psychology research program. Texas Tech University (Ph.D- Counseling Psychology) this interview was very extensive. I spent a total of 4 hours with the POI interviewing with her and discussing research. In addition, I interviewed with 6 other faculty members. -ultimately, i felt I was close to getting into the program but the POI's feedback explained that I did not ask questions about the other faculties research interest. Please reply with your experiences.
  9. I agree. I fell into similar fatigue going through applications and even cut schools because of issues with transcripts not arriving on time.
  10. Sorry, let me clear some questions. Yes i was offered a partial funded masters in Mental Health Counseling. I have a clinical psychology masters that focused on research (so no clinical hours or ability for licensure). I contacted the advisor today so I have not gotten a response. I've been struggling to find research opportunities outside of school so I thought this might be an option.
  11. Hey Everyone, So After applying to 10 programs, interviewing with 3, and being rejected by all, I am at a crossroads with my academic career. I am thriving to pursue a PH.D in counseling psychology or clinical psychology and I wanted some insight on what other applicants who were or are in my shoes will be doing for the upcoming year until the next application cycle starts. Personally, I am looking into a route in mental health counseling. Despite having a clinical psychology research degree, I was accepted to Fordham's master's program with SCHOLARSHIP & Assistantship. In addition, the academic advisor I was given is the same faculty member I applied to work with in the PH.D program. I am thinking that going for a year to install new pieces to my resume might be the boost I need to get accepted into a PH.D program. Any insight or criticism is greatly appreciated.
  12. I was wondering if I can get an outside eye on my statement of purpose. Specifically, the portion on why I want to be a psychologist. I believe it is decent but don't know what else to add. Any help/addition is appreciated "The reason I want to be a psychologist is to expand the psychological treatment services offered and implemented to males. While research has grown over the last 15 years, many professionals in the field are unaware of the discrepancy in males being diagnosed with depression or the idea of males suppressing or “masking” their symptoms. Because of that, I want to integrate the latest research literature to the assessment of males. The qualities I possess that are important for my future as a psychologist are: my work ethic gives me the ability to work on multiple projects at once while being able to give each project my full attention, as well as my commitment to providing empirically based interventions. From a cultural standpoint, I am observant of the impact culture has on psychological assessment. I want to be able to provide diverse populations proper treatment in order to be effective."
  13. Itzik

    Discussing Thesis in your SOP

    wow thats great. That will forsure help me. Thank you for your time.
  14. Hello everyone, I am applying to Clinical & counseling programs and currently working out the kinks in my Statement of Purpose. Here is what I got so far: "Upon graduating from my bachelors at ###, I chose to further my development in research and statistics at #### program. There, I produced a thesis proposal......" and that is as far as I got lol. Helpful tips or examples would be so appreciated. I keep running into mental road blocks when I attempt to write my SOP
  15. Itzik

    Another failed attempt at the GRE

    That is a great option! thank you so much for the information

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