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  1. I was wondering if I can get an outside eye on my statement of purpose. Specifically, the portion on why I want to be a psychologist. I believe it is decent but don't know what else to add. Any help/addition is appreciated "The reason I want to be a psychologist is to expand the psychological treatment services offered and implemented to males. While research has grown over the last 15 years, many professionals in the field are unaware of the discrepancy in males being diagnosed with depression or the idea of males suppressing or “masking” their symptoms. Because of that, I want to integrate the latest research literature to the assessment of males. The qualities I possess that are important for my future as a psychologist are: my work ethic gives me the ability to work on multiple projects at once while being able to give each project my full attention, as well as my commitment to providing empirically based interventions. From a cultural standpoint, I am observant of the impact culture has on psychological assessment. I want to be able to provide diverse populations proper treatment in order to be effective."
  2. Itzik

    Discussing Thesis in your SOP

    wow thats great. That will forsure help me. Thank you for your time.
  3. Hello everyone, I am applying to Clinical & counseling programs and currently working out the kinks in my Statement of Purpose. Here is what I got so far: "Upon graduating from my bachelors at ###, I chose to further my development in research and statistics at #### program. There, I produced a thesis proposal......" and that is as far as I got lol. Helpful tips or examples would be so appreciated. I keep running into mental road blocks when I attempt to write my SOP
  4. Itzik

    Another failed attempt at the GRE

    That is a great option! thank you so much for the information
  5. Itzik

    Another failed attempt at the GRE

    That a big bump up. are those scores good enough for you?
  6. Itzik

    Another failed attempt at the GRE

    I think if I was to take it again, I would need to study again because I just lost my confidence. Can I ask what were your scores?
  7. Itzik

    Another failed attempt at the GRE

    The verbal I felt I struggled in speed and retention of my studying. The math I didn't feel like I struggled. I was quick and was getting the answers I wanted. I can only assume it was test anxiety or I had horrible luck that day. After going through these forums, I can see that students give their entire lives to prepping for the GRE. I could study more I guess and quit my job...
  8. Itzik

    Another failed attempt at the GRE

    Im totally agree that the verbal section is harder to get through than quant. I see people take practice tests before studying and score in 90th percentile to start off. I guess my environment didn't use GRE words in their Vocabulary lol.
  9. Itzik

    Another failed attempt at the GRE

    I am leaning towards practicing, but I love working on the research side as well. Maybe looking into Psy.D's. I am a huge supporter of magoosh, I just don't know what happened. I typically score high in the quant sections overall (161-164) and was shocked to see my unofficial math score. I studied for 3 full months at 15-16 hrs per week during that timeframe.
  10. Itzik

    Another failed attempt at the GRE

    I don't think I would be able to do that unfortunately.
  11. Itzik

    Practice GRE scores vs. real GRE scores

    I am Reading this forum and I'm impressed with everyone's abilities. I did really poor in comparison to my practice scores. Does anyone have specific advice to improve verbal skills? I really struggle with critical thinking aspect of the fill in the blank answers and feel like most of the word options are out of my range.
  12. Hey Everyone, I'm down in the dumps currently. I was able to take the GRE for the third time & my scores did not improve (150 v, 151 Q). I honestly feel like my goal to get into a counseling or clinical program is slipping. I have a masters in Clinical psychology with a focus in research. I have multiple poster presentations, a 4.0 GPA, and a finished thesis in Masculine Depression. I am looking for any advice on what to use to improve my GRE or what routes are available for me besides PH.D. Thank you for taking the time for responding.
  13. Itzik

    Emailing POIs

  14. Itzik

    Replication Study

    Hey You guys, I wanted to get insight on replication studies and what are the first steps to start one. Any information can help. I am starting one for my clinical psychology thesis -Isaac
  15. Itzik

    Making the Most of MS in Clinical Psych

    I am in a MS Clinical Psychology Program and it is stressed to pump out our independent research and thesis to build our school resume for PHD programs. THat is my Key focus while in my course.

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