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  1. Emailing POIs

  2. Replication Study

    Hey You guys, I wanted to get insight on replication studies and what are the first steps to start one. Any information can help. I am starting one for my clinical psychology thesis -Isaac
  3. Making the Most of MS in Clinical Psych

    I am in a MS Clinical Psychology Program and it is stressed to pump out our independent research and thesis to build our school resume for PHD programs. THat is my Key focus while in my course.
  4. Clinical Psychology programs

    I applied to CSULB, California Lutheran University (currently in), CSUF, CSUSB, CSUN, and the Masters in psychology at pepperdine.
  5. Research And GRE scores can really get you in the door for an interview. Be ready to explain the low GPA (low for being competitive) and have back up statistics showing GPA in psych only courses, or courses in the last two years. When applying, you must look into what the faculty is researching and whether it matches your research experience. THose are a couple tips i think can push into the right direction.
  6. Rejection Thread!

  7. Hey Everyone! So I finally chose a clinical program & I am excited for the next part of my learning, But now what? I would love any insight whether it has to do with clinical psychology grad programs or grad school in general. Im so pumped and hoping some insight will put me in a great position to start the semester.
  8. Rejection Thread!

    Officially Rejected from the CSULB MAPR program. that means I am going to Cal Lutheran for a masters in clinical Psychology. Excited to finish the application process!
  9. and still waiting....

    Still Haven't Heard from California State University Long Beach (CSULB). I applied to their master of psychology research degree in February, was interviewed in March and I was told they have not made any decisions....... This is Crazy! my number 1 school would be the last school to tell me if I am in or not. I want to go there so bad! Hopefully by June 1st, they will let me know what is happening.....Hopefully.
  10. ANYONE HEAR FROM CALIFORNIA STATE LONG BEACH Master of Arts in Psychological Research or MAPR???? This is the last school that I am waiting for a decision. Any information will be helpful. Thank you
  11. Question about review after interview

    Hey, while I don't know exactly how they determine applicants after an interview, I do have a question. Do you specifically talk to the person that interviewed you after the interview process? I ask because i was interviewed by the professor i want to mentor with and haven't heard back for about 3 weeks. I do not know if its appropriate to contact him and ask for an update or if he made any decisions.
  12. After the interview

    Hey everyone, so i just wanted an opinion from fellow grad applicants or current Graduate students. I was interviewed close to a month ago for a masters in psychological research at CSULB, MAPR. After the interview, I made sure to send a well written thank you note and the professor replied. I have not heard from the CSULB but Im hearing people are starting to get acceptance & rejections letters from CSULB & other CSU's. REASON FOR THIS POST: Should I email back the professor and check in with him that I am still interested in the program and keep my name in his head lol? All opinions from this forum is welcomed! Thanks in advance for your advise
  13. Rejection Thread!

    Was rejected yesterday by CSUN's Experimental Program. I Believe it has something to do with the mentors I chose, who were from the clinical program. I am still waiting to hear back from Long Beach State & I still have my backup school as a option.
  14. Networking

  15. Has anyone heard from...

    No! have you applied to any other CSU's?