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  1. I was accepted to UC and Kent, and waitlisted at Ohio State. I am beyond thrilled to go to UC in the fall after graduating from OSU this spring (also I'm orginally from CLE). I went to a grad visit day at Kent State and the admitted student day at UC over the last two weeks to help choose. Here's the notes I took from both which I hope will help other people looking in the archives now & in the future: Kent The cohort is 38-40 people and they offer a decent amount of funding to students. The first semester is in the on campus clinic which they're currently doing a make over on a
  2. Have you heard anything about funding or Ga/TA/RA opportunities?
  3. It's a personal choice for how much money your willing to spend vs. location. I decided not to apply to BGSU after going to an open house because of the few resources available in the area. They explained that you may have to drive up to an hour away to see a client and then still return to campus for night classes. For me, all that driving was excessive when I knew other schools were located by big hospitals and skilled nursing facilities. Personally, I think I would choose Rush because there's more diversity in the kind of clients you would see there then Bowling Green, Ohio. And to th
  4. Still waiting for Ohio State, not feeling hopeful.
  5. I don't think it's strange. My advisor pushed me to go to other schools as well simply because she knows that it's best to go to the school with the most funding. Everyone who gets their Masters gets a job.
  6. Does anyone know what's going on with Ohio State's second wave? In the results search people are saying that they aren't sending anything else out until mid-April. But has anyone gotten a rejection? That's kind of shitty of the program to not send out waitlist letters or rejections until decision week- and I go here for undergrad. Also waiting on Kent State which would honestly be great because the tuition is so low.
  7. Just curious to know if anyone got funding offered with their admission or if you know what the process is for that
  8. This waiting game has been killer. I'm especially nervous being wait listed twice & really regretting not retaking the GRE. I wish all the Ohio schools would announce sooner!!
  9. Hey y'all, For those you who have submitted your apps on CDCAS already, how long was the verification time? I have two 12/15 deadlines coming up and I'm minor league really worried about the timing. Ohio State just needs to have everything submitted by the deadline but Cinci needs to have everything verified by then. Any input is appreciated; thanks!
  10. Hey! So I found a spreadsheet on here for East & West Coast schools, and I started making my own for schools in the Midwest. Feel free to edit any incorrect information & add more schools! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1d4V-zA9FnBKbrbdjR9ALwvLqH_9UUwju9LR-LrdI7DE/edit?usp=sharing Happy hunting!
  11. I haven't looked into this that much, but does anyone know of schools in the Midwest that will allow you to defer and give you acceptance for the 2018 app season? I want to take a gap year to do an Americorps program on literacy but I'd like to have the certainty of knowing I'll have a place to go after it's completed. Any input would be appreciated!
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