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  1. We're the same age and have the same circumstances 💕💕 I feel you. *hugs*
  2. It's very normal. The Clinical Psychology doctoral admissions process is the most competitive program in the US, UK and Canada. Not everyone will get in the first time and that's okay. Some people won't get in the second time either which is heart breaking but there is usually some sort of progress every year. Some people get more interviews or get on more waitlists. By the 3rd year, most will get in or opt for a masters and some do give up. As long as a person is working to get their CV better, research experience better, GRE scores better etc, they will usually find a place.
  3. Same here. Any info on U of Miami Counseling interview invites would be greatly appreciated
  4. Second year in a row being waitlisted (before interview) my my top school. To be depressed or nah. What an utter crinkum crankum.........
  5. I've seen some information on the results page for Palo Alto and Florida State. I think you should check on there.
  6. The interviews are supposed to be 2/10 (From Results page) and I've only seen invites for 2 people and seemingly from the same POI
  7. Holy Canoli! Thank God I didn't apply to this school. 16 people? Sheesh!
  8. To the people who posted about U of Miami, when are the interview dates please?
  9. I went on Google Scholar and kept going through a list of their papers to see which ones were open acces and more recent. I found a few. For others I just read the abstract and hoped for the best
  10. I believe it is very possible especially for Universities with a large faculty or research centers whose work are similar to your interest. I had about 4 in one University. What I did was to rank them and select no more than 3. It's incredibly expensive applying to graduate schools and I understand people trying to max out the opportunity. I deliberately chose to apply to schools where I had more than 1 POI to keep my costs down as much as possible. Just my 2 cents.
  11. LMAO @ their diversity statements. When I was doing research to figure out which schools to apply to, I saw so many diversity statements. Even schools with zero to 2% diversity among staff and students would have a diversity statement. 🙄. They seem not to understand that you cannot provide support when you don't know about your students' culture or have anyone who is about it on your staff. They may have a statement but they have no plan to implement it.
  12. I made a mistake on my U of Sc application. They've sent out invites and I know I'm definitely NOT getting one. I feel like an idiot but you live and you learn innit?
  13. I applied to Uof South Carolina and Georgia State (a fave but chances are.......) Clinical-Community Programs
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