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  1. mws5997

    What Schools Are You Waiting On!?

    Does anyone know anything about Rockhurst? Looking back at people who have posted results I can't really tell if there is a usual time they send out decisions.
  2. Hi kind of random but does anyone have any information about when La Salle or UVA will be sending out decisions? I know UVA says that they send acceptances the first week of March but wasn't sure if this counts as the first week. La Salle last year sent out decisions around Feb 24th so I am super anxious.
  3. mws5997

    PA schools

    Hi, I applied to West Chester and La Salle. I know West Chester doesn't start sending decisions for a while but for La Salle, I was wondering if anyone knew if they would be sending out decisions soon like last year or the beginning of march like they have in the past?
  4. mws5997

    Waitlist Limbo

    I am waitlisted at LaSalle UVA and Montclair does anyone have any information about any of their waitlists and how realistic it is to keep my hopes up about getting off any?
  5. If I havn't gotten a call from Queens College for an interview should I assume i'm rejected?
  6. mws5997

    What Schools Are You Waiting On!?

    Do you mean the end of this week the 24th or next week the 31st? I am dying from all this waiting.
  7. mws5997

    What Schools Are You Waiting On!?

    I'm still waiting on: UVA, Montclair, Adelphi (not sure if they are doing waves?), and Clarion. Anyone else waiting on any of these/ know if I should just be expecting rejections from all of these? lol at this waiting game.
  8. mws5997

    Adelphi University

    Has anyone else been invited to Adelphis open houses but still not heard from them about a decision?
  9. mws5997

    Official Interview Thread 2017

    Did your online application status change at all? Also Good Luck!

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