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  1. also- Brandeis epistemology students have done really well, especially in recent years!
  2. Biased but would highly recommend Brandeis Beri Marusic is incredible and does a lot of great work esp at the intersection of epistemology, ethics, and action. Peter Epstein is joining the department though I'm less familiar with his work Eli Hirsch, mostly known for his work in meta-ontology wrote a book recently about skepticism and advises epistemology students all the time.
  3. Accepted off the waitlist at Stanford earlier today
  4. Declined Northwestern and will shortly remove myself from waitlists at UMass and Toronto
  5. As a Brandeis grad, I can say it’s an incredible place to be especially if you’re interested in epistemology and mind. Also the placement for this year isn’t up yet but should be quite strong. Feel free to pm me and we can discuss further. You’ve got a number of great options!
  6. Would you mind PM'ing me as well haha? Also very interested in Stanford
  7. Oops, didn't see you made mention of that, my bad!
  8. I think you're in the wrong thread, this is philosophy.
  9. Hey, just on the point about teaching, Brandeis guarantees at least one semester of TA-ship though, almost always, you can TA far more often than that. I've found it to be an invaluable part of the program so far!
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