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  1. I honestly never thought I would feel like this. I have never been particularly happy here in my country. And now I got accepted to a program I am really excited about, under the supervision of a professor that I really admire, in a country that I really like. However, with the moving date approaching, I am getting more and more nervous, and almost homesick already. It feels weird to leave my family behind as well as all things that are familiar to me. Does anyone else feel like this? I guess I am just looking to see if there are other people going through this. I feel like people tend to
  2. Is it possible to commute by bike in Kitchener/Waterloo?
  3. Plug for our Facebook group for University of Waterloo admits: https://www.facebook.com/groups/577625335931259 Let me know if the link doesn't work
  4. See you in a month, Waterloo!

  5. I am trying to narrow down my research interests for my Master's research, and while I have a good idea about the subfield I would like to work on (natural language understanding and/or machine translation), I find it extremely challenging to identify a specific topic. As a recent computer science graduate with relatively little research experience (especially in terms of breadth), it seems impossible for me to come up with a decent idea. I don't know how anyone else does it, to be honest. I'm now trying to go through the major and recent papers in the said fields to develop a better sens
  6. I am now that person that takes 10 hour naps.

  7. Shall we resurrect this thread already? Hi, UWaterloo people (or whatever the official term is)!
  8. Has anyone heard about funding from McGill? Do you still have a chance if your letter of admission has no info on funding?
  9. Fair enough. I posted with more details earlier, and received no replies whatsoever, so I thought maybe I was doing it wrong I applied exclusively to Master's in Computer Science programs. My research interests lie in natural language processing and deep learning. I intend to pursue a PhD afterward, and probably try and become a research scientist at a company. I am trying to choose between EPFL (brand name and high academic output) and UWaterloo (great PI / lab and full funding). Would you still choose funding over brand name when there is a relatively large gap between the reputa
  10. I am trying to choose between two offers, but I feel like the brand of one of the schools affects me too much. Ultimately, how much does the brand name / ranking really matter in making a decision? Would you choose funding over brand name, or vice versa? Those of you who chose one over the other, do you have any regrets? What would you consider given what you know now? Thanks in advance!
  11. Two unexpected admits later, I find myself utterly confused. To give you an idea about my profile: My research interests lie in natural language processing, information retrieval and deep learning. I intend to pursue a PhD right after my Master's degree. Ultimately, I would like to be working as a researcher at a R&D division of a larger company (such as Google), but that aspiration might well change in the upcoming years. I feel like UWaterloo is an excellent culture fit, but I frankly can't ignore EPFL's academic reputation. So, I decided to write down all the criteria that go
  12. Monday: probably going to be super busy during the week, and get over the reject more quickly. I do hope I am not jinxing myself by replying to this thread, haha.
  13. I love those ideas! I feel like I am not close enough with my profs to get personal gifts, but I am not sure... How weird would it be for me to do it anyway?
  14. My U of A application has been under review for more than two months now. I can't even care anymore at this point. By the way, I would love to chat with anyone that got admitted to UWaterloo
  15. Thank you all so much for the helpful comments! They made me feel once again extremely lucky to be bringing my best friend with me.
  16. Has anyone received an email from UdeM about Bourse C?
  17. I've recently gotten engaged to my boyfriend of many years, and I have to admit I am a little nervous about people at grad school perceiving me differently because of my decision to get married at a relatively early age. The thing is we are a perfect team, we have supported each other during really tough times (and I am sure will continue to do so), and getting married just makes so much sense logistically as we are moving to another country together. I have no doubt in my mind about the marriage itself, but I am also clueless as to how it might affect my grad life. So, any (fellow) married
  18. Good for you! Keep us updated.
  19. I have two interviews with my POIs next week, and I have no idea what to expect. Can anyone share their experiences? How long are interviews typically? What do they focus on - my relevant experience, the professor's respective research, etc.? I would appreciate any input at all, preferably Waterloo-specific but any advice pertaining to Master's interviews would be fantastic. Thanks in advance!
  20. Hey there I applied to U of T, UBC, SFU, McGill, UAlberta, UdeM and UWaterloo. I'm not so much dealing with the stress as trying to absolutely ignore it, haha. I haven't gotten any response from these schools. I know it's still early, but it still freaks me out to think about it. Oh well.
  21. Hey! I applied primarily to CS programs (AI / ML / NLP specializations) in Canada: U of T - MSc UBC - MSc SFU - MSc McGill - MSc UAlberta - MSc Thesis UdeM - MSc & PhD UWaterloo - MMath Paper
  22. Thanks, I'm hyped even though it's my safety school! What are you happy about these days?
  23. Got my first admit last night! I really didn't expect a response so soon.
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