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  1. PsyDGrad90

    Two options, and is it too early to choose?

    Gotcha. I think if you're interested in getting a PhD in the future, B may be a better option anyway just because it's more in-line with your research interests and will probably set you up for successful PhD applications.
  2. PsyDGrad90

    Two options, and is it too early to choose?

    Is program B an MA or PhD? Also, based on your descriptions, you have way more positives for program B. The only thing you seemed to mention for A that isn't available at B is graduate housing. You can usually find apartments near college campuses. Also, grad housing, in my experience (including other friends), is usually just glorified dorms.
  3. PsyDGrad90

    Bad relationship with advisor

    Yeah....that just sounds like a really bad advisor. Why were you paired with someone who is not within your area of interest? If there is a better research fit, that may be a good out as it isn't based on characteristics of the advisor if you don't want to cause any drama.
  4. PsyDGrad90

    Anxiety and Depression

    Please, please, please, if anyone on this board feels like their anxiety/depression is overwhelming, or they are having trouble coping, see a mental health professional. If you are averse to medications, that technically isn't the 1st line of treatment to begin with. Therapeutic interventions are usually the name of the game. If you are currently in school (undergraduate or graduate) most colleges have counseling centers on site that provide free services. It is ok to see someone. Mental illness is not something that should "just be part of life."
  5. PsyDGrad90

    Does my employer need to know

    If that have already stated they have decided to potentially not make anyone permanent, I don't see why you would really need to say anything just get. If they offer you a permanent position, you could tell them at that time. I would just wait until you're about a month out unless it somehow seems pressing sooner.
  6. PsyDGrad90

    Clinical PhD Programs

    You're more likely to get a number of responses if you post this in the Psychology sub-forum.
  7. PsyDGrad90

    Requesting Feedback After Rejection

    Yeah, I should probably add that I only asked for feedback from one POI because I already established a rapport with them and we had been emailing back and forth throughout the application process. I would not recommend "cold-calling" POIs for feedback.
  8. PsyDGrad90

    PsyD: Loyola or UIndy?

    Personally, if everything else is equal, I'd probably prioritize the program that would allow me to walk out with less debt. PSLF and other forms of student loan forgiveness aren't guaranteed to stick around, and interest rates for student loans can really shoot up the overall cost. You don't want to spend forever paying off grad school debt (especially if you already have undergrad debt added on top).
  9. PsyDGrad90

    Requesting Feedback After Rejection

    Something along the lines of "thank you for the opportunity to interview with your program. I was hoping you could provide some feedback on how I can improve my application for the following cycle."
  10. PsyDGrad90

    PsyD: Loyola or UIndy?

    Do either of them offer funding? That would be a factor for me. If you would be happy with either program, I would then consider quality of life factors. How much debt will you have to take out? What's the cost of living like? If the program quality is equal, I would focus on the other factors that will affect your next few years and beyond (in regards to loans).
  11. Research experience and products (posters/pubs) will mean more than your undergrad GPA. If you don't have any as of yet, it may be better for you to spend extra time getting research experience and applying in 2021, as i don't know how much you'll be able to accomplish in the time before 2020 apps are due.
  12. While some faculty may look at the low undergrad GPA as a negative, most probably won't care as you have a high masters GPA (indicating you can do graduate level work) and a high GRE. You are definitely not the 1st person to bomb undergrad and then get it together later in life, and you won't be the last.
  13. PsyDGrad90

    Bringing Spouse on Visit

    I don't think it's a problem to bring your spouse to the city. You were admitted and therefore most likely moving there. This affects your spouse's life just as much as it does yours. It's up to you if you'd like to disclose this information, but any program that frowns upon that probably has a few other red flags too.
  14. PsyDGrad90

    I is stressed *Non-Judgmental Space for PhD Applicants*

    Last year, I interviewed around that date and heard back about a month later.
  15. PsyDGrad90

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    I think it might be nice. She may just be nervous and not know what to say, so you reaching out and saying hi and introducing yourself may help put her at ease.

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