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  1. Thank you! It was a tough choice to make. I was really interested in their program and I was torn. I live in Michigan though, so GVSU was closer to home.
  2. oh really? huh. i must've done something wrong when I tried. I will try again! thanks!
  3. There is not a Facebook group yet. I would love to start one but I need at least 3 members before I can start it. If you and I can find one more person, then I would be happy to make one! Where are you from?
  4. Hi everyone! I just got my first acceptance to GVSU. I wanted to chat with anyone else who was accepted, already in the program, or applied! I'm so excited about this program. I don't know anyone else in the program or really anyone in Grand Rapids. If you're planning on attending Grand Valley or you are already there, feel free to message me! I'd love to talk to some people and hear a little bit about GVSU. Accepted: Grand Valley State University, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania Rejected: Duquesne University, Calvin College, Bowling Green State University, Michigan State, Wayne State Invited to Interview: Andrews University, University of Toledo, Midwestern University Waitlisted: Central Michigan, University of Wisconsin, St. Mary's, Western Michigan, Indiana State Decision: Grand Valley State University SLP Class of 2019!
  5. I know GVSU is the fastest. It is 4 semesters straight instead of 5 at WMU and WSU. GVSU is a little cheaper than Western and Wayne, but keep in mind that your bill per semester will be higher because there are fewer semesters. But overall, GVSU is the cheapest of the 3. As for location: GVSU is in downtown Grand Rapids, Western is in Kalamazoo, and WSU is in the heart of Detroit.
  6. I know Grand Valley did interviews in February and already sent out acceptances. I'm not sure if they do waves or not though
  7. I got accepted to my second choice school, Grand Valley, but I haven't accepted their offer yet because I'm still waiting to hear from my first choice, Michigan State. Is anyone else considering these two schools and/or heard from them?
  8. OH MY that is so SOON. That's so nerve wracking. Thanks for letting me know, good luck to you!
  9. I applied to all three of those schools and haven't heard anything yet. I'm currently finishing up my undergrad at MSU, and most of my CSD professors are on the admissions board. They told us not to expect anything from them until the end of March or beginning of April.
  10. Hi everyone! I just got my first acceptance to GVSU. I wanted to chat with anyone else who was accepted, already in the program, or applied! I'm so excited about this program, it is one of my top choices. Waiting to hear from all of the other schools I applied to before I accept the offer. Other question: Should I email them back to thank them and tell them I'm strongly considering it, but want to wait to accept until I hear from other schools? Accepted: Grand Valley State University Rejected: Duquesne University, Calvin College, Bowling Green State University Invited to Interview: Andrews University, University of Toledo, Midwestern University Applied: Michigan State University, Eastern Michigan University, Central Michigan University, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, Indiana State University, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, St. Mary's College, Wayne State University, Western Michigan University
  11. Following this thread because I have a lot of the same questions!!! Best of luck to you
  12. Congrats! I've heard such good things about U of M. You're going to love it!
  13. Keep your chin up! One rejection may be followed by a bunch of acceptances and interviews. You got this!
  14. That sounds like a bad case of nerves. I often feel that way after job interviews, school interviews, etc., only to find out that I nailed the interview and was selected. Interviews always feel awkward, and that can often make you feel as though you didn't do well. However, try to think about it logically rather than emotionally. I'm sure you did just fine. It's a big deal to even land the interview! Keep your head up and be proud of what you've accomplished
  15. Technically speaking, they have zero legal right to discriminate against you based on your family plans! They aren't even allowed to ask about your marital status, family structure, or family plans in an interview. However, It is up to you to decide if you wish to disclose that information. It may be beneficial to tell the program, because they may be able to help point you in the direction of on-campus resources that could help you out (daycares, etc).
  16. Casual is fine, sweaters/cardigans and dark jeans work perfect. I'd also suggest wearing comfortable shoes, one of my open houses had a walking tour and my feet were killing me even in small heels!
  17. I would hope they all get back to us. We pay so much for the application fees, both CSDCAS and the supplementals, not to mention sending GRE scores and transcripts and all those fees! We deserve a response, whether it's positive or negative. I will be very angry if any schools don't send a letter/email or anything. It's just not right.
  18. It's definitely doable, albeit not my first choice. My advice would be to make sure (absolutely sure) your car is super reliable, especially if you're going to school in a location where it snows. As for the social aspect, if you put in a little extra effort, I'm sure you could remain close with your cohort. Try to meet up with them on weekends to hang out or study together, or maybe hang around campus after you're done for the day. Commutes get easier with time because you get so used to them. Sooner or later you'll be so used to the drive you could do it with your eyes closed! Best of luck
  19. From what I've heard, it's probably a better idea for female interviewees to wear pants rather than skirts. Sensible shoes as well. I've heard from other applicants that some schools want to observe how you interact with kids, so sometimes you're on the floor working with youngsters in the on-campus clinics. I think pants would work better for this! Also, some interviews can be hours long and include walking tours. I would suggest comfortable shoes that you feel good walking in. Good luck on your interviews!
  20. I am so excited for that aspect of grad school. I think it'll be great to have the opportunity to gain experience with adults, kids, geriatrics, people with disabilities, and more! I've always loved working with kids, I've been a summer camp counselor for years for children with disabilities and I absolutely love it. As of right now, I'm thinking school-based SLP. That being said, I can't wait to explore my other interests in grad school and see what other populations excite me. Sga71494, what demographics are you thinking you'd like to work with?
  21. I got invited to interview at Midwestern too! What was the interview like? Did you like the campus? What are its pros and cons? I'm struggling so hard to decide between schools.
  22. Hi future SLP's! Has anyone had any interviews yet? I've been invited to interview at a few schools and I'm beginning to get nervous about them. Does anyone have any advice going into the interview process? Some of my specific concerns are the dress code (what should we wear, specifically females?), the questions (what do you say if you don't know how to answer a question?), and overall making a good first impression. Any advice would be super helpful! Good luck to everyone who is interviewing! GPA: 3.73 GRE: 156 V, 155 quant, 4.5 AW Major: Communications | Minor: Communicative Sciences and Disorders Applying to: MSU, EMU, CMU, GVSU, WSU, WMU, BGSU, U of Toledo, St. Mary's, ISU, MU-Downer's Grove, Duquesne, Edinboro, Andrew's University, Calvin College, UW-Whitewater Interviews: Grand Valley State University, University of Toledo, Midwestern University (Downer's Grove)
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