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  1. You have chances. Your GPA is the minimun required for any program so you can be accepted. If you don't feel confident with that GPA, then you have to bust your resume and any other document that the school asks you to apply ( statement of intent, reference letter, any research paper you have done...) Try to point out previous experience you have and if you have any volunteer done too. The program you applied to isn't the busiest one. I wouldn't think is the hardest to get in, so that gives you more hope. To finish with, apply to the school you like and also try to google or ask a friend and find out about a university which is more flexible in the admission. That way if your 1st pick doesn't work out, you still got chances with a less recognized university. I hope works out for you and good luck!
  2. hey! hi, how are you doing? Are you canadian or international student? when did you apply for the MABE? did you get the offer in ur email? thanks!
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