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  1. Finally heard back from Drexel and it was a rejection. I can't believe it took them this long.
  2. Anyone still waiting to hear back from Drexel (DrPH-Community Health and Prevention)? It's so late...
  3. It's April 10th and I still haven't made a decision... Just wondering if anyone is still waiting to hear from Rutgers?? I emailed them on March 6th and all they said was: "Hello – We appreciate your inquiry below. However, we in the admissions office are not certain as to when the doctoral review faculty will have the “completion” process for Fall doctoral admissions finalized. The doctoral faculty received so many Fall submissions that they are actually still in the process of evaluating all applications. We are sorry that we are not able to provide you with more details. Thank you, RUTGERS SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH, Piscataway, New Jersey." I feel like I am probably rejected, and I really don't want to be annoying and email them again.
  4. Congratulations!!! And without an interview, that's awesome. Which track? I haven't heard back yet.
  5. Thank you for this information! While I am ecstatic I got into the program, I am really concerned about how funding (or lack there of). I won't be able to attend their admitted students day, so I am hoping to get in touch with an alum and/or current student to help with my decision making process. Are you going?
  6. I like to ask program coordinators to connect me to alums or current students, too.
  7. Well, I am not entirely sure if they do interviews with everyone. They emailed me on 1/30 and said: "...if selected for an interview, you will be contacted in the upcoming weeks. You can expect a final decision in 7-10 weeks." I guess we are approaching that 7th week mark right about now...which track did you apply to? That would be amazing to attend the same university as your sister! Like you, I applied to a mix of DrPH and PhD programs. I have six more to hear back from. Sigh.
  8. I’m also still waiting to hear back from Drexel! They haven’t reached out for an interview, so I’m thinking it’s a likely rejection.
  9. Hi, Just wondering if anyone here was accepted to Berkeley's DrPH program and has any insight on funding? Thank you!
  10. Hi, I did not interview. I hope it’s good news for you soon. FYI their accepted doctoral students day is 3/19.
  11. I went through the same thing with Berkeley and had the same concerns. Basically your admittance just goes to the official stamp and sign and then they send you the official thing. I got my official letter from Berkeley roughly a week after the unofficial letter. I hope and assume this is the same for you!
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