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  1. Case Western would be a great option for you! While their program is not specified as "Medl SLP" they don't do school internships and their curriculum does not meet the criteria for the teachers certificate. They are closely affiliated with the Cleveland Clinic (campus is pretty much completely surrounded by the CC) and most of their graduates ended up there or at U-Pitt for their CF! They don't offer any specially tracks but during my tour I did see a voice lab so their is definitely research being done in that area! Best of luck!
  2. Declining Saint Mary’s College, Midwestern University ( Downers Grove), St. Xavier, and my position on the waitlist at Wayne State University!
  3. Apply to schools with Interviews! That made all of the difference for me! I scored a 139 on the quant (yes, you read that right) and honestly thought I wouldn't stand a chance. So far I have been accepted at every program I interviewed at (3), rejected by 2 (no interview), and waitlisted at 2 (no interview)! I had amazing extra curriculars, LORs, and a great personal statement which I think was enough to get the interview despite my average GPA and low GRE. An interview really gives you a chance to show what you have to offer outside of your stats and show them that you have the interpersonal skills to succeed as a clinician. Best of luck!
  4. Anyone planning to attend Case Western or have any input on their program?!
  5. You will hear soon then! I was accepted the same day as the other people I interviewed with good luck!
  6. You should hear back from Midwestern soon! They generally only take 2-3 weeks to get back to applicants!
  7. https://m.facebook.com/groups/388297808638988?ref=share i went ahead and made one for my cohort at Case Western! As far as I know generally it’s just someone from the cohort who creates the page. It’s definitely early for pages to be made since most people probably haven’t heard from all of their schools but this what my top pick and I’m an out of state applicant so I’ll be looking for a rommmate. I’m sure Grad Cafe will be flooded with FB links come April!
  8. They generally waitlist quite a few people so I am sure that this is not the end of waitlist's.
  9. Yes! I was one of them. From what I have gathered from classmates, Grad Cafe, and professors ( I am an undergrad at Wayne) that was a priority waitlist of sorts.
  10. Unfortunately, Wayne State is done sending out acceptances so at this point its a waitlist or rejection I don't believe they will send those decisions out until end of march/early April.
  11. Hi! I am at Wayne for my undergrad right now! Feel free to message me
  12. I thanked the 2 faculty members that interviewed me as well as the director who coordinated the interview (it was incredibly organized and informative). I also thanked the two speakers from the information session and a faculty member who I did not interview with but toured her lab and was very impressed ( I did related research in undergrad and recognized how advanced her lab was). I received really kind responses from all of the faculty I emailed and later was accepted into the program! It definitely gets your name out there one last time as well as demonstrates sincere interest in the program! Also, receiving a kind reply really eased my nerves! This was one of the emails I sent to my interviewers: Dr. X, Thank you for taking the time to meet with me Friday to discuss my strong interest in the Masters of Speech and Language Pathology program at X school . I enjoyed learning about the medical focus that makes X a truly unique program and the importance of research that molds students into confident, knowledgeable, and evidence based clinicians. Our conversation further strengthened my passion for being a member of X’s upcoming cohort. It was wonderful to chat about our shared interest in Augmentative and Alternative Communication and I am ecstatic to know that X is a place where that passion will be nurtured. The organization and thoughtfulness of the interview day reinforced my appreciation for X’s program and is a clear indicator of the phenomenal support students in your program receive. Thank you again for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you soon. I definitely don't think all of that is necessary in every thank you but these were my genuine feelings about the program (it was my top pick and a total reach school). Just a few sentences is totally fine too! Just be genuine
  13. Would anyone be willing to share their experience interviewing at Case? It is one of my top choices for grad school and I would love to go into the interview as prepared as possible!
  14. I am not sure either. There is literally no information online! I attended an interview over the weekend that was described the same way and we had formal interviews in the morning and then tours/mingling in the afternoon! I am assuming it will be something similar! I am just so nervous there will be clinical questions related to our SLP courses! Although, if the interview was terribly difficult I would think there would be some chatter about it on grad cafe. Also, I noticed you are applying to Wisconsin- Madison and Grand Valley! I am applying to those same programs as well! Best of luck!
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