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  1. The wait is PAINFULLLLL i will be so mad if i dont hear today
  2. I just found out I was admitted to the University of Pennslyvania's MSW program and could not be more excited! Now I am just waiting to hear from UNC Chapel Hill
  3. I applied straight out of undergrad! I am so nervous
  4. I am not advanced standing. However, one of my majors was Human Services which is very similar to social work and has required field placements so I have gained my hours through that. As for competition, he said that last year 42 people applied and they gave out 28 so not bad. You do need to have a 3.5 from your first year to apply and do your field placement in an integrative healthcare setting.
  5. Pitt is the cheapest program I applied to and the only program I expected to get any scholarship so any amount I was okay with. My GPA was right at a 3.4 and I am coming straight from undergrad so my only experience is the 500 hours my undergrad field placements have given me. They are giving me $7,000 per year. Although it is the only one I have heard back from so far if I got into all three of the programs I applied to it would be hard to justify going anywhere else in terms of money. There is also a fellowship that I was informed about for integrative health care that gives a $10,000 stipen
  6. I think that is true. I found out my scholarship today when i visited in person and I am out of state so it made it around in state cost.
  7. I am just periodically checking the portal and watching my email. I am going to the info session feb 15th and am hoping to know by then.
  8. I applied, I have not heard back yet. It’s my top choice
  9. Congrats! I interviewed last Thursday and am anxiously waiting
  10. My career advisor told me that technically no masters level graduate program can demand an answer before April 15th. It may be different if you are being offered a scholarship, I think they can give a deadline on when you need to decide for your scholarship.
  11. I also applied to UNC and its my top choice...any insight on when we will hear back? have you heard anything about how competitive it is?
  12. interesting, i am out of state...not sure if that will help or hurt me if that formula is true. I haven't had a great experience with phone conversations with them either. It took me 4 days to realize i was accepted since i was waiting on an email to tell me about a status update. I am hoping to visit next week and get a more positive look at the school. I have heard great things.
  13. sorry to hear that the offer was not great. My GPA was right at a 3.4 so I am guessing that my scholarship will be on the low end. Not sure how they determine it exactly.
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