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  1. I'd visit anyway because it will give your more knowledge to make a more informed decision. Also, they might already account for a certain percentage of people turning down offers when deciding how many people to accept (e.g. they accept 10 thinking only 5 will actually take the offer) that it's not necessarily likely that they would accept somebody else anyway.
  2. A given candidate is not necessarily going to accept a position even if offered so it makes sense to invite more people than you actually need (especially if you really want to fill the position). Almost all programs will interview more students than they will actually accept because they know some won't be looking for when they interview them, some won't accept an offer, etc. This doesn't mean I agree with being evasive about the circumstances.
  3. A quick look at two UC schools shows that the packages vary between schools. You might be able to look it up depending which one it is. phdstipends.com also has some information.
  4. There really doesn't need to be much thought put into this. Hi, Thank you for the offer but I am unable to accept. Sincerely, Name You don't need to provide a reason. They'll appreciate the timely response and brevity more than anything else.
  5. If the interview weekends have passed, there's probably little to no hope unless you're an international student.
  6. Yas-man

    Bloomington, IN

    The main problem with housing in Bloomington is that the affordable places (i.e. no roommate) are generally away from campus/downtown, so you'll likely have to take the bus/drive/ride. The bus away from the campus/mall area can be kind of annoying because many routes only run once an hour and there are a few areas that aren't serviced at all. There's also some proposed changes happening to bus routes that will probably result in negative changes to this but I haven't followed them. You can look up bus routes at https://bloomingtontransit.com/ Riding a bike is feasible most of the time but
  7. Around when you have to leave the house (accounting for extra travel due to weather), look at the flight status. If there's no flight, just email (or call/text) the coordinator or whatever contact at the program and let them know what's going on. I'm sure they'll understand and work something out with you (Skype interviews, fly in a bit later, etc.)
  8. Beyond receiving additional information from them (e.g. something they said at interview, an email response, etc.) the best you can do is look at previous years to see what they did then. In general, some schools do treat the interview weekends separately and will invite people from the first weekend even if it happens before the second weekend, etc. Some schools wait until the second weekend and evaluate everyone together then send invites. It could also just be a troll who posted a fake result or somebody who received unofficial information. I wouldn't worry about it too much
  9. It might affect visas but I really doubt it would affect being offered admission or not. Schools could add some sort of health certification or something, though (similar to having to prove vaccinations).
  10. Yas-man


    The importance of a recommendation from a single professor depends on how candidates are selected. For programs that don't have interview weekends, a professor recommendation is usually more important (because it's more likely that you would work with them). For programs that do have interview weekends, it's generally the case that a committee decides who goes to the interviews because you're not initially deciding what lab to work in. However, the professor could be on the committee. There's always exceptions to these generalities, though. Schools are pretty unlikely to calculate GPA on
  11. UMass Medical School GSBS has already had both official interview weekends for US students. There was talk of a third (smaller) weekend just for the invited students who couldn't attend the first two weekends, but I don't think it was something where they'd invite additional people for and I know nothing about it or if it is even happening.
  12. Yas-man

    Interview advice

    Interview acceptance rates vary as the person above said. Different programs have different strategies because they'll have a specific quota in mind (e.g. they want to take 15 students) and they look at historical acceptance rates. They also have different budgets on how many people they can bring to visit (because of program funding or how many applications they get to pay for the other students) and use different strategies on how they evaluate people post-interview. For example, some programs will re-rank candidates post-interview via committee and some are merely making sure the student is
  13. It’s in person. I don’t think they have another interview day but I’m not sure.
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