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  1. Thank you for the response! I'm glad I didn't purchase any of the other books before finding.. the other way to get them lol!
  2. Have you looked into the average GRE score and GPA for the universities you're interested in? That may give you a better idea of your chances. Given that clinical psych is so competitive there is the possibility that you get screened out and with your GPA it may be best to retake the GRE. But it is good that you have research experience and you can talk about that in your personal statement!
  3. Astrology in the very archetypal horoscope sense does have Jungian roots (you can look more into psychological astrology) but I'm going to be honest with you. Astrology is a pseudoscience while psychology is a science backed by empirical evidence. That's not to attack on astrology itself but it's generally frowned upon in an academic environment. I would caution you against taking psychology and astrology as an end all definitive analysis and prediction. Even the most 'perfect' psychologist isn't always aware of whether what they're doing is right or wrong. And astrology isn't a predictor of f
  4. If you don't mind me asking, what have you heard? I was considering applying to the New School as a safe school.
  5. It's great that you've found this passion! In case you haven't seen there are a lot of resources in regards to a clinical PhD: List of Faculty/Postdoc Mentors for Black (and URM) Scientists Mitch’s Uncensored Advice for Applying to Graduate School in Clinical Psychology Although I can't say much about my own personal experiences I highly recommend taking a look at the list of faculty and contacting them for advice on your specific situation. There's no harm (well other than financial) in applying this cycle and also looking for a research coordinator position (academic twitter may be good i
  6. I'd say you should absolutely reach out again! You can attach your updated CV and reintroduce yourself. Now that you have more research experience professors know that you can hit the ground running. I think along with a more decorated CV you can talk about how you've grown since then in your personal statement and really show how dedicated you are to your research interest and then how a doctorate will further elevate you as a researcher. Good luck!
  7. Just rehashing what many people have already said but I think it might be alright to say something like "I'm not very big on books but I have been enjoying/recently enjoyed XYZ film or music." Theoretically this would redirect the conversation to something you can talk to that you're also knowledgable and passionate about. Just because you're an academic doesn't mean you have to spend every waking moment doing activities related to it. We already read enough articles as is
  8. https://www.reddit.com/r/GRE/ Scrolling through it seems like some people have been sharing their at-home experience
  9. I highly recommend checking out r/GRE to see others' experiences. I've also been hearing mixed experiences. Good luck!
  10. @psychcoffeegal I feel you dude! Been taking practice tests for quant and it's.. it's not pretty... I've always been bad with algebra and it doesn't help that my study partner excels at math.
  11. Is there a discord server for this forum? I'm not sure if other people would be interested but it'd be nice if we had one. If so could someone invite me? If not I'd be happy to make one (although I'm not very experienced).
  12. I asked this in r/gre but I was wondering if the content in the 5 lb book is relevant to the present day GRE? I've heard from gregmat that the verbal section isn't very applicable but the quantitative section is alright. Can someone who's taken the GRE and looked at the 5 lb book attest to that?
  13. Hey! I think the combination of going stir crazy and being away from school has caused me to freak out about falling behind as an undergraduate. Currently studying for the GRE (all hail Greg Mat) and trying to build a manuscript. On the bright side, studying has been going well since I have a GRE buddy to chip away at practice every day (except Sundays). I hope all goes smoothly for you and your family! It's weird to be put at a more uncertain position but at least it seems like we've all got some things going our way. ☺️
  14. @Mickey26 Thank you! And you're absolutely right, a first author paper from the get-go is a bit too much for my level right now. I hate to inconvenience any faculty members right now since it's break but I hope they don't mind too much me asking around 😅 Maybe I'll make another post when I have a better idea of what my thesis may be and ask for the guidance of graduate students. @Clinapp2017 I'm glad to hear that R is better than SPSS. The learning curve is a bit rough but it has so many more options than SPSS! Thank you for your advise! 😀
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