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  1. HEY EVERYONE! Anyone know of SLP/CSD masters programs that take place online/distance learning!? If possible please let me know when programs start Thanks!
  2. Is anyone still waiting to hear back from UMD and Emerson's the low residency program??
  3. Anyone know about UMD or Duquesne ?? I see some people getting rejected recently to UMD and waitlisted to Duquesne ! I have heard nothing from either schools. I am going crazy!
  4. Thanks!
  5. Everyone talking about Emerson, do you mean the regular program or low residency program!?
  6. Anyone know why they are still taking apps for the low residency program? It says the deadline was 2/1... this sucks! I want to know if I got in!!!!
  7. Anyone hear from Duquesne??? Im getting soooo nervous.
  8. It depends. I'm still exploring states that hire SLP-A's. Possibly FL or CA!
  9. Same! except I work in Maryland as an SLP-A. Im thinking about relocating!
  10. Hey guys! I see lots of people have landed an interview at Emerson! just curious who got an interview for the regular program and who got an interview for the low residency program?! also, anyone know what states hire SLP-A's?
  11. Thanks but I was looking for programs next fall not this fall.
  12. Anyone know of brand new programs starting next fall? (Besides Massachusetts and Delaware)
  13. Hey does anyone know if there is a pre req online program that allows you to take courses in the summer / late summer.. One that hasn't started yet lol. If so let me know. Also anyone have any experience with la salles online pre req program?
  14. Hey does anyone know if you have to pay out of pocket for pre req courses? Or can you get financial aid? All/any info is appreciated!
  15. Hey can anyone recommend a GOOD online prereq speech path program/ individual courses?? Thank you guys