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  1. I'm applying for PhD programs in religious studies and am wondering if I need to include a note about my undergrad GPA in my SOP. It's not horrible (3.46 on a 4.3 scale), but not exceptional either. I'm finishing up my second master's (not uncommon in my field) and my GPAs for both masters are above 3.8. I'm also wondering if I should explain this because my undergraduate transcript has at least one C from my freshman year and some withdrawals from courses, not to mention random coursework (Political Math anyone? Astronomy? What was I thinking...). I know I'm competing against students who knew exactly what they wanted to do from freshman year and who have 3.9 GPAs, so I'm just wondering if it's worth the sentence or two in my SOP. Perhaps mentioning it will raise concerns that weren't even there?
  2. PhD Applications Fall '18 Season

    What made you decide to fly across the country to visit these schools? Almost every professor and student I've talked to has said visiting doesn't improve your chances of acceptance and that it's best to meet at SBL or to correspond by email/phone. Have you heard something different?
  3. PhD Applications Fall '18 Season

    Thanks @Onthenahar. I agree about being forward thinking. The faculty changes definitely make discerning my "fit" more difficult. Most of the current students I've contacted are as unsure as I am about potential faculty hires. At Notre Dame (acc. to current students), only Fitzgerald has been taking students, so he is usually swamped, though I heard he's great. I'm sure Lincicum will start to take on students, but Meier doesn't advise doctoral students anymore.
  4. I thought I'd go ahead and start this up. Where are you all applying and in what field? I'm applying for PhD programs in NT, but have yet to finalize my list of schools. Currently, I'm considering applying to: Baylor, Emory, Duke, Duke Div, Notre Dame, PTS, Yale. I may add some schools before all is said and done. Faculty changes have made it harder to narrow down my list. It seems like many senior faculty decided to retire around the same time! I'm thinking of Yale (Attridge and Dale Martin), Emory (LTJ and Holladay), and ND (Moss left, so she didn't retire, but they now only have two NT profs).
  5. Applying to top Div schools--

    I don't think Yale Divinity requires the GRE, so you have a good shot at Yale at least. Not sure about Harvard.
  6. Research on CV?

    I know it's common for those in the hard sciences to list research experience on their CVs, but does this apply for those in religious studies? I'm working on my CV now for PhD apps this fall and I'm wondering whether such a section is necessary. For example, would I list the different major papers I've written with a brief summary in a section on my CV? Or is that best left for the SOP?
  7. Adequate GRE scores?

    Are you sure those schools even require the GRE for master's programs? I know for a fact that YDS doesn't require them. Now, if you were applying for PhD programs, I would tell you that those scores are not adequate (you would need at least a 5 for writing and probably a higher verbal). For master's programs, the GRE does not matter and is usually not even considered.
  8. Writing Sample

    I plan on using a school paper, but it won't be the newest thing I've written when I apply. I don't think it's necessary to send a paper that is so close to the max. 12 pages is enough if it is concise but sufficiently makes its case. They may prefer a more concise argument to a long-winded 20 page paper (they're reading hundreds of papers, after all). In terms of editing, I'll probably just remove the title page and put my name on the header so they easily know whose paper it is. I would keep the bibliography. This is what a friend of mine did, at least (he got into a Tier-1 ivy). The question I'm wrestling with is whether to submit what I think is my best paper or to submit a paper which aligns more with my stated research interests in my SOP.
  9. Choices and Decisions

    I'm not at either school, but it seems to me from FSU's website that its program doesn't really emphasize the Jewish "background" of the NT; instead, it focuses on the study of ancient Judaism for its own sake and the study of ancient Christianity (not the same as NT) for its own sake. If your primary research interest is something within the NT canon, then Baylor would seem to be a better fit, even if they don't have much backgrounds coursework. They probably have a Classics department where you could take some courses. It really depends on what you want to research and where and what you see yourself teaching after your PhD. If your goal is to primarily teach NT and Christian Origins within its Jewish/Greco-Roman milieu, I would choose Baylor. If your goal is rather to teach something like ancient mediterranean religions, then FSU is the way to go.
  10. ThM with Funding?

    Not sure about YDS's deadline, but keep in mind that YDS offers only 50% tuition coverage for the STM. The tuition cost then just matches a place like PTSem where no funding is offered.
  11. PhD Applications Fall '17 Season

    My guess is that they simply don't accept students that year for that subfield. This sort of happened this year in NT (no one was accepted), though for different reasons.
  12. PhD Applications Fall '17 Season

    Wow! Do you know which sub-fields made offers and which didn't?
  13. PhD Applications Fall '17 Season

    A ThM might help for the next time you apply, but if you go that route, I would suggest maybe considering other schools, too. I've found that ThMs at schools like TEDS are often more expensive than at other more prestigious schools. And when you say the ThM would "lead to the PhD," do you mean they would help make that happen? Or just that you could apply again? If the former, then it's worth considering. The thing with ThMs (you'll find many posts on this) is that since they're one-year degrees, it's often hard to get to know the professors well enough to get new LORs and you will just have finished one semester of courses by the time you re-apply. If you're willing to wait two years, you could finish a ThM, then apply the following fall.
  14. PhD Applications Fall '17 Season

    What subfield are you? I know the NT applicants were invited to interview a few weeks ago. I think someone mentioned that a few pages back on this post. Not sure about other fields.
  15. Religious Studies PhD Applications in the Spring?

    The only schools I'm aware of which offer admission in the spring are schools in the UK.