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  1. Recently got accepted to ESU and The College of St. Rose!! Congrats to everyone sharing the good news and good luck to anyone still waiting!!
  2. Congrats! I just got my call today- so excited!! Not going to rush into any decisions yet, but I definitely love the program and will most likely accept!
  3. How many Speech Language Pathology graduate school programs should I apply to? I was thinking 7 or 8...
  4. I appreciate your honesty- my problem is that I have already taken the GRE twice, so I don't know if schools will frown upon seeing that I've taken it 3 times. I can only blame myself- I really think I could have studied harder the second time around. Math has never been my thing! Any thoughts?
  5. That is good to hear!! I agree, I think the most important thing for me to do right now is figure out a way to get more experience. Fingers crossed that I find something!! And good luck with everything!! I will definitely keep you updated-you do the same!
  6. Do you think it's worth taking again if I've already taken the GRE twice? Will schools see that as a bad thing? I agree that it would be better to have a higher quantitative score. Now on to your questions... If I've calculated it correctly, I currently have a 3.759 (not including the three courses that I still have to take this summer). I have not yet determined my LOR, but if I ask one of my professors from my original major (psychology) then I should have at least one strong letter. I have written a SOP, which I feel is pretty strong but I definitely plan on having people revise it to be su
  7. I'm hoping you're right- I already took the GRE twice, so I would rather not take it again unless absolutely necessary... If you don't mind my asking, which schools did you get accepted into?
  8. I recently tried asking questions to one of my previous professors, and she told my to contact the graduate programs directly (which I admit might be helpful, just time-consuming). With my situation as a prerequisite student, I have a different professor for each course, never having a professor more than once. Hoping I can make more of an impression in the speech science course I'm taking this summer. Do you think there is any benefit to getting one of my LOR from the school I graduated from- one of my psychology professors? Many of them know me better since I had them for more than one cours
  9. That is good to hear! I knew research was really important in my previous field, so I wasn't sure how much it would matter. Definitely plan on shadowing soon. Thank you for your thoughts!
  10. Unfortunately because of my situation I do not have an advisor, which makes things a little more difficult. However, I will continue to look for work experience that might be helpful. I mostly just wanted to hear that I had a chance of getting in somewhere, so I'm glad my portfolio is at least reasonable so far. Thanks!
  11. Hello everyone! I was wondering if you could help me get a better understanding of my chances of getting into a grad program for SLP and if there is anything you think I can do to boost my chances before I apply this coming year. I graduated with an undergraduate degree in psychology with a 3.71 overall GPA and a major GPA of 3.74. I then completed a prerequisite program so I currently have a 4.0 from the 8 SLP courses I took. I played volleyball for 4 years in college, worked at a residential mental health care facility for kids, and have a little volunteer experience. My GRE scores migh
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