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  1. My friend is in a traditional program, and she said at least one student drops out per semester and she's been in the program for one year (so 2 students dropped out). In my online program, I'm not close to my classmates so I'm not entirely sure about who/why they dropped out.
  2. I graduated in 2016 and thought becoming a behavior therapist would look good on my resume and application. Plus the experience working with children has taught me alot that I can utilize in the future when I work. For me, there weren't any special qualifications needed to become a behavior therapist. I had experience working with children with special needs. You do need some credits in child development, but your degree should cover it!
  3. Don't give up if this is your biggest passion! Have you thought about applying out of state?
  4. Hi everyone! I am not sure if this post has already been made, or if this is allowed but I created a master post of online SLP programs in the US :) I hope this helps at least one person! You can check it out here for more details on my personal blog since I wrote a short description about each program (majority of them requires the GRE D: --> https://katherine-annem.blogspot.com/2019/01/online-slp-graduate-programs-in-us.html Schools that have online programs: California State University, Northridge. East Carolina University. Eastern Illinois University.
  5. I use a Macbook Pro from 2012, and it still works great! I think the most important thing for distance learning is reliable Wifi ?
  6. Yes, grad school is a lot more challenging than undergrad! For me, I only work part time as a behavior therapist on Monday/Wednesday. Then dedicate school work on Tues/Thurs and Fri (if needed). I like my online program because I can control the schedule. Most of my classes revolve around watching lecture videos that are pre-recorded and having a midterm and final (sometimes we'll have a third exam but it depends on the professor). The courseload still feels like a full time program because I have to study daily! But I think compared to a traditional program its not as rigorous .
  7. I called up every clinic and school SLP if I could volunteer or observe them. You'll def receive a lot of no's, but out of that there'll be someone who'll say yes to you
  8. I think I spent around $900 (more or less) to apply to 5 schools. That includes the fees from CSDCAS, transcripts, other supplemental fees from the school itself, and the GRE.
  9. I just started my program this summer, and I've been renting since it's almost 50% off compared to buying the actual textbook. But this upcoming fall semester, I purchased a book since it's cheaper than renting. Trying really hard to save as much money as I can! The books I see that are worth buying are probably the anatomy/physiology books.
  10. There's a brand called Dagne Dover that make great coated canvas and leather totes. I love their backpack which is made of scuba material (idk what it's called lol). It's pretty expensive but I think it's worth the price Better than purchasing $30 bags that fall apart within weeks/months!
  11. I got my bachelor's in Kinesiology, and did an online post bacc program for a year! I wanted to stay in CA but it was so competitive that I only got accepted into an online out of state program. But I'm happy with where I'm at. My advice would probably do the post bacc, it's a lot cheaper than doing the additional classes needed when you're in a grad program. Also it's a great chance to show that you are serious about the field and aim for the best grades possible.
  12. Like what @zamz had stated it was very easy to apply for. When I saw the application opened, I applied immediately in case it was a first come first serve basis. I was in the cohort base since I had no classes related to speech language pathology besides a stats class and child development/psychology. You don't need any experience, the first class in our semester required us to do observation hours with an SLP for an assignment. Very glad we had to do this because some schools require observation hours. Good luck
  13. Personally, I didn't. I did have a few friends who paid people to read their personal statement, which I think is worth spending your money in. And investing in some GRE classes like Magoosh or Kaplan. Other than that, I wouldn't hire a consultant. Try asking around for free advice about interviews
  14. Look into Ten State University for their online program, and University of SC. I was about to apply to Western KY Program but saw that CA doesn't participate in the SARA program (I think it's the only state). Good luck!
  15. Aw some of my speechie friends were afraid of applying to SDSU's master's program since their requirements are so high! So I understand where you're coming from. I applied to CA schools all over but ultimately got rejected, the one school that accepted me was out of state and an online program. I have pretty average stats, but you can totally get in if you have a lot of experience to balance out your stats!
  16. I've been working as a Behavior Therapist (RBT, but never took the exam for certification since I'm not interested in ABA therapy). It's great experience if you want to work with children. The state I live in it's very hard to get a job in the school systems, but I recommend trying that or becoming a SLP-A! Good luck.
  17. You have amazing experience and GPA. I saw you're from CA and maybe you'd look into the Loma Linda University program. It's not online but they have an application for those who don't have a COMD background.
  18. I have a similar experience of upbeat and pushy admission counselors. I was on the fence about applying but I uploaded all my materials onto the application minus the essay portion. Almost two weeks before the May 2018 application closed I got calls from the counselor almost every other day asking if I needed help and reminding me that I am close to finishing. The way they approached me about my application made me not want to apply, they were very pushy and made me feel like they just wanted me to apply for the fee or their commission.
  19. Cal State Northridge. I'm not sure when their applications close, but I know they're open now!
  20. I am in your shoes of only getting accepted into one school and it'll expensive since I'll be paying for out of state tuition. This is probably a very unpopular decision, but I decided to attend this program even tho it'll cost over $100,000 and I'll be in debt. The way I see it is time vs. money, I personally don't want to waste any more time applying and waiting around for my results, especially if it's not a guarantee I'll get an acceptance. I rather start immediately, graduate, get a job and start working on paying off my debt. Good luck!
  21. I completed the online post-bac at California State University San Marcos, and like @zamz I didn't have any problems when applying to grad programs. There was some programs I applied to where I was missing a few classes, that ultimately ended up with straight rejections so make sure to look through their requirements and email them if the class you are taking fulfills their requirements. I got an average GPA in both my post bac and bachelor's degree and my GRE score. I think what made me stand out as a candidate were my volunteer and observation hours. I volunteered at 3 different settings, an
  22. Haven't heard anything back either, but I'll def be checking my email more frequently!
  23. Haha yes I'm pretty lazy by nature as well. So I compensate by planning out a very structured routine. Good job with working full time! I know during my post bac I could only work and volunteer 20 hours at most during the week. Granted I wanted a social life and sleep too. Good luck
  24. I saw that I would be taking 2 classes - neuroscience and a class similar to speech science/audiology in a period of over 2 months. My new position say they're super flexible if I ever need to leave early or come in late due to class.
  25. University of South Carolina's Master of Communication Disorder 3 year program that normally starts in the summers.
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