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  1. @Nickman20 I'm also a Canadian undergrad and was recently accepted to the MSc Global Governance and Diplomacy (a taught degree in the IR field). I think that a big part of being competitive is your work experience and research interests. I'm doing my undergrad thesis in a topic similar to one being undertaken by the department to which I was accepted, and I applied with a clear statement of what I want to research at the masters level and why it is best suited to the program. Simply wanting to go to the most prestigious program will likely not be enough for admission. I also have several years of political experience that I used to my advantage because it explains my background and interest in the research I would like to undertake. In that regard you can use that experiences in the workplace and abroad to your advantage. One place you might struggle with (for Oxford at least) is the GPA requirement - I have a 4.0 and am required to maintain at least a 3.8 GPA after graduation to keep my offer. Hope this helps!
  2. Thanks! It is the MSc Global Governance and Diplomacy. Of all the programs I applied to, I think it will be the best fit in terms of my research and career interests.
  3. Against all odds and expectations I was accepted to my preferred program at Oxford! I'm still weighing things out at NPSIA but will be rejecting my Munk offer today or tomorrow. Hopefully a spot will open up soon for those on the waitlist!
  4. Mine was attached to the email (4 attachments in all). Also, the OGS application date for MGA is May 1, 2017, which could provide some additional funding! And there is an option to apply for a TAship (unlike many schools, it appears these positions are not included in funding packages).
  5. Congrats everyone! I also got my email from Munk just now with a $5000 scholarship! Must have had the admin team working overtime tonight... Hard to compare to $35K at NPSIA, especially given comparative tuition costs for the same length of program and the cost of living in Toronto. But it is so exciting to know nonetheless!
  6. I received my notification of OGS funding a week before being contacted by NPSIA with an offer. I would contact the Awards office to check the status of your application!
  7. The Carleton Scholarships office page indicates that there is no longer a scholarship cap, so it looks like external scholarships can be held in addition to internal funding. I think the main caveat is that OGS and SSHRC cannot be held simultaneously. Here is the link to the OGS FAQ page: https://gradstudents.carleton.ca/awards-and-funding/external-awards/ogs/
  8. Mine progressed from "recommended for assessment" to "review in progress by Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs" this morning, and I received the email to check portal around 4 pm. It happens quickly!
  9. I received an email regarding my OGS status last Wednesday. The funding is run out of the department of grad studies rather than NPSIA itself - if you got accepted for OGS funding, there is a form that needs to be filled out and sent back to the office (contact person is Leslie Main) to ensure that you receive the funding if you decide to go to Carleton. Edit: Also, I think that OGS is in addition to whatever NPSIA gives you! Not sure if there will be a cap on external funding or not.
  10. Well, if nothing else this process has taught me that patience is not a virtue I possess in great quantity... Best of luck everyone!
  11. For Carleton they traditionally are, however it appears that Munk at U of T requires candidates to apply for TAships independently.
  12. @JV-K Congrats! I also received my OGS funding notice today through NPSIA. Hopefully this means that there is an acceptance pending? (fingers and toes crossed)
  13. I got the notification this morning from Carleton (the only OGS I applied to).
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