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  1. Hi! I'm a current first-year student at Heinz (DA track) and thought I'd check out grad cafe again since it was super helpful to me when making my decision of where to apply and attend. You're right, the DA track did increase, and there are about 35 in my cohort, compared to maybe 20 second-years. I assume applications were already submitted, but if any of you have questions when you hear back in March, feel free to message me! It was very useful for me to attend the Admitted Students Weekend, so if you are seriously considering Heinz, you should try to come April 5-6. There were a ton of even
  2. It seems like Harris has given at least several people an additional $10k, as long as you provide good leverage.
  3. @shmcewen they said to wait at least two weeks, so you should submit soon. I got $10k more by asking, so you should definitely ask for at least that. Also I’m probably going to turn it down, so there might be some more funding after April 15 as well.
  4. The Harris MS-CAPP is a STEM program, but not the MPP. @juanlisa, with 80% tuition at Heinz and nothing at Harris, that sounds like a no brainer to me...
  5. I just got an email that the MSPPM-DA track has been designated a STEM program, but I doubt the regular track is.
  6. FYI, according to the waitlist email I just got, there were 788 applicants this year. 94 were admitted and 34 were waitlisted.
  7. Program Applied To: MPP, MS-CAPP at Harris Schools Applied To: Chicago Harris MS-CAPP, CMU Heinz (MSPPM-DA track), Berkeley, Duke, Michigan, Princeton (MPA) Schools Admitted To: Harris MS-CAPP (~45% tuition), CMU Heinz DA track (90% tuition), Berkeley ($0), Duke (~90% tuition), Michigan (50% tuition) Schools Rejected From: Still Waiting: waitlisted for WWS Undergraduate institution: small liberal arts college Undergraduate GPA: 3.9 Last 60 hours of Undergraduate GPA (if applicable): 3.9 Undergraduate Major: Sociology, minors in Women’s Studies &
  8. Also waitlisted! I was probably only going to use it as leverage at another school anyway.
  9. Thanks for sharing (and for the link to the course list)! I am also curious about the size of the DA track, and from what I remember (maybe on a webinar?), it has been pretty small, like 15-20 people, in the past. I can definitely ask at the admitted students weekend, but of course that's not for a few weeks. I was going to email a student there anyway, so I'll add that question. I also share your impression of CAPP including more computer science in the core courses vs as electives. My sense is that I could create my own program at CMU that would be more similar to CAPP, but it's not pl
  10. There’s definitely no one answer. I also have similar offers for Duke and the CMU data analytics track, but CMU is my preference because I want to continue working as a data analyst and now am kind of wondering why I even applied to more generalist MPP programs. I’m actually deciding between CMU and the MS-CAPP at Harris. I got significantly more funding from CMU, so that’s looking more likely, but I’m still attending admitted students day to reassure myself that it will be as rigorous. I really loved UChicago and the CAPP program when I visited. I’d appreciate hearing from others looking
  11. I was also accepted with 50% funding, but I have better offers elsewhere and probably won't be attending.
  12. I don't know how Berkeley is with negotiating funding... it was never one of my top schools, though, so I probably won't ask.
  13. I also was accepted, but without funding, so that's not going to happen!
  14. Just got an email from Heinz! I was accepted in the data analytics track with 90% tuition!
  15. Just got an email from them! I got quite a bit of funding, though it's not my top program. I'll probably use it for leverage at UChicago...
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