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  1. I am waiting to hear back from ASU, Midwestern-Glendale, and Idaho State. Idaho state sent out an email last Friday saying that they are trying to have more offers out by this Friday 04/20 so crossing my fingers I hear something! Good luck to everyone!
  2. taelinmarie17

    Arizona State University

    Yeah let's hope so! Good luck!!
  3. taelinmarie17

    Arizona State University

    Hi! I am also still waiting to hear from ASU. This is my second year applying and this time last year was when I got an email saying I was apart of the "alternate pool", but was rejected a week later. I was really hoping they would send something by today or tomorrow. This is the last place I am waiting on so it is getting really stressful not hearing anything back from them. As of right now my portal still says in review.
  4. taelinmarie17

    What Schools Are You Waiting On!?

    Has anyone heard when Arizona State is sending out the rest of their decisions?
  5. taelinmarie17

    What Schools Are You Waiting On!?

    I'm waiting on Northern Arizona, Arizona State, Eastern Washington, and Washington State. I know EWU and WSU have already sent out acceptances and I never received an email about interviewing so I'm like 100% sure I'm getting denied from those two lol
  6. taelinmarie17

    Northern Arizona Response

    Yeah I didn't hear I was denied until the beginning of April last year. It is annoying though because the last thing I got from them was an email asking about my residency and then nothing. They least they could do is send some kind of update.
  7. taelinmarie17

    Northern Arizona Response

    I went to NAU for my undergrad and this is exactly how it was last year. I know some people that heard of their acceptance late march. They are really bad at communicating what's going on lol
  8. taelinmarie17

    Idaho state (distance)

    I was waitlisted for Idaho state this year and last year. With the waitlist last year I was on it until the middle of July when I received a letter in the mail saying I was denied. Hope this helps!
  9. taelinmarie17

    2018 Speech Pathology Graduate Applicants

    We applied to a lot of the same schools! I'm hoping we start hearing back within the next couple weeks or so! At least Idaho we may know something by Friday! Good luck to you!!
  10. taelinmarie17

    Northern Arizona Response

    Hello! I have also seen that people are getting paper letters in the mail! I am from AZ and have not received anything in the mail or via email yet. This is my second time applying to NAU and I know last year they sent out denials via email at the beginning of April. I think the waitlist was sent out in March if I am remembering correctly! Hopefully this helps! Don't panic its still pretty early on!

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