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  1. Ok, this just freaked me out: I receive an email from "admissions office". Turns out it is just some program/university advertisement. So not funny!
  2. I have not re-interviewed, so I can't speak to that. However, I lived in ideal and not-so-ideal places before and found that university/workplace/people have a great influence on how I feel. So yes, I would attend a good program regardless. If it is a good program but there are factors that cause concern, I would carefully consider if it is really something I can grow into or if it would make me unhappy in the long run. Turning down a program would include letting them know that I truly appreciate their offer because I would not want to burn bridges.
  3. Well, if they did not send out any decisions, it could still be you (versus just having confused you) 😊 Hope dies last.
  4. I didn't know that about the lists, thanks for sharing!
  5. How did you find out about it? From the POI? I think it is ok to reach out and ask which number you are on the waitlist... middle alternate doesn't really tell you where you stand. Good luck!
  6. Hi there, 1. Did you hear back from the University of South Carolina yet? I was there too but nothing so far... (2. Did you interview at both the University of South Carolina and LSU? )
  7. Yes, that's quite the opposite. They all had a list of questions I had to answer and then I had like five minutes to ask them questions.
  8. I felt like the grad students had more questions than faculty. But nothing that would be impossible to answer (What do you do for self-care, how do you deal with criticism, etc.)
  9. 13 February... still waiting after my interviews. I find myself permanently wondering if that is a good or bad thing 🙄 Although I am happy for everyone posting an acceptance in the results, I am somewhat relieved not seeing anything about the programs I favor in the results section. I tell myself if there is no other acceptance/rejection/waitlist, maybe they are still in their decision-making process... and if that does not help I eat chocolate... lots of chocolate... that reminds me: I have to go and buy some more chocolate 😜
  10. Nice. A good way to pass time 😊 I love my dog... never asks if I found out yet where I will go... or if... (I think it is enough that I ask myself these questions, don't need to hear it from others 😬😫😂)
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