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  1. ^ Yes, I forgot about that. ASL will be factored in your CSD GPA if you have taken it.
  2. Were you accepted to other programs or waitlisted to any other programs?
  3. Yes. They’ll have a category gpa for practically every subject. But comd will only consist of your communication disorders classes.
  4. Declining Biola, Fullerton, Long Beach, California Baptist University, University of the Pacific, Emerson College, Midwestern University (Glendale) and UTEP.
  5. I'm not being cruel at all. April 15th is coming up, and I'm informing her to not hedge her bets on a school that didn't interview her. There's a 99% chance that Chapman isn't going to reply to her in time so she's going to need to her deposit down for the school that already accepted her, and it would be a shame that she lose her slot waiting on something that is very unlikely to happen. There is more than one way to provide support.
  6. It's the reality, people are hoping for a miracle that isn't going to happen. Whether or not they want to accept the truth, that's on them. But I'm not going to sugarcoat it and say "Don't worry! I'm sure there's a chance you'll get a waitlist!" When there's no chance of it happening.
  7. Just rescind your offer, there won't be any hard feelings. They'll fill up your spot with someone else. The earlier you do it, the better so that they can prepare appropriately. (I rescinded offers from schools, so I speak from experience.)
  8. Oh, I see. I don't always believe what's on those boards, so I rarely look at them. My apologies then.
  9. You weren't offered an interview, people who were interviewed are on the waitlist. Why would you think that you would be offered a waitlist spot or admission without an interview?
  10. I can answer for them, and you know the answer deep inside as well - you've been denied admission.
  11. You seem to already know that your undergrad gpa is low. Many schools have a hard 3.0 cutoff to have you application looked at. I'm sorry to say, but looking at the other schools you applied to, it is not looking good for you. 3 cycles = approximately 3 years, have you considered anything else career wise?
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