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  1. I'm sure it won't be too much to email the asst graduate coordinator once again, because this is a rather urgent matter, though I'm not sure if anyone's in the office right now because it's the Thanksgiving break. Perhaps give them a few more days? Otherwise, try emailing to graduate coordinator herself and explain your situation, and perhaps she'll be able to redirect your email to someone who'd be able to help.
  2. The above replies have all addressed crucial points. But what I want to reiterate and emphasize is this: you'll likely be required to do not only courses you might not be interested in, but also quite a fair bit of mundane, administrative tasks during your PhD program and after. There may be courses and practicums on pedagogy, seminars on professionalization, plenty of (futile) grant applications, and of course, classes to fulfil the necessary language requirements. And I'd say foreign languages aren't ever irrelevant, especially since it is important that academics are able to search for and read scholarship in foreign languages, even if their main research interests fall under the broader category of "english studies". Working only in one language limits the scope of your research and the perspectives you're engaging with, so the more languages you're functional in, the better, I'd say.
  3. I'd say one long, sustained piece of writing is preferable to two shorter ones (unless there's such a discrepancy in quality), since you're likely better able to demonstrate your research and reading skills in the former than the latter. Though of course, if you're working from your senior thesis, you'll likely have to extract and contextualize chapters/sections from it, and it sometimes isn't easy to make that call. On my end, I've decided that creating a new WS from scratch, based on a tangential idea in my honours thesis (which I'd like to continue pursuing at grad school) was the best option for me, but each to their own, I guess.
  4. Have already reached out to several people on gradcafe for SOP swaps, but if anyone else here would like to do so as well, do drop me a PM!
  5. Hi all, chanced upon this list of funded MAs in English on twitter today, and thought I should share it here, just in case anyone needs the information, or has anything to add to the document. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XZ7ejtJETaRH7ufh2O1S21HOeTTy9EYgi7Z5vUHCRLI/edit#gid=0
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