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  1. Hi all! I will be starting SLP graduate school this August. What are some must-haves that helped you get organized, stay organized, or were just GREAT to have handy? Please share!!! ALL advice is appreciated
  2. Read about the programs on their website and get a feel for how they weigh applications . . . some take a holistic encompassing approach and others literally rank you via point system. Do you have any work or volunteer experience in the field or related fields? Your GPA is fantastic especially if you're within the major. I was accepted to Florida State with a 152V / 148Q / 4W and a 3.6 GPA (psychology major). I had a 4.0 in the CSD prerequisites and some research experience. I REALLY thought I wouldn't get in with those GRE scores, but I ended up being waitlisted for the 4 I applied to and got into 2 of them. I suggest taking it again with the hopes that your scores show improvement, and in any case, the schools can see that you took it twice! I used Magoosh online for about two months, and my math score went from a 144 to 148. Best of luck!
  3. Did you end up accepting your offer? If you don't mind me asking -Miranda
  4. I'm interested in this post because I also applied to UCF (currently waitlisted/top choice) - I haven't heard anyone say bad things about their program! As a current FSU student, I would think FSU faculty might be a little biased 😅 However the school is huge and only continues to grow so it could be a bit hectic. Have you toured? Congratulations on your acceptances!!
  5. I love deborahbrookscccslp, thepeachiespeechie, crazyspeechworld, & theinformedslp!
  6. I highly recommend Magoosh! Its a little pricey, but if you can catch it when they are having a sale, I saved a ton! And raised my score by more than 5 points the second time around. The first time I only used Manhattan Prep study book set. You could also use the 5 lb practice book, find some free practice tests online (I think ETS website even has some) and phone apps for vocabulary. Be persistent and dont give up! Good luck
  7. Anyone declining University of Central Florida, Florida State University or Florida Atlantic University??? I was waitlisted for all three - disappointed but still hopeful! Need to figure out the apartment situation soon.... SOS
  8. I just recently trained for a job as an RBT. I started with my first two clients just this month - and I have been loving it so far. Before working I had to complete a 40-hour training course ($100 online), submit background checks/fingerprints , complete an oral exam with my supervising BCBA and pass a written mandated exam (I live in Florida). This entire process took about three months before I could actually start working in the field. I also have a B.S. in psychology. I paid out of pocket for everything except the insurance credentialing - $60 - which will be taken out of my first three paychecks. It was A LOT to get started and I doubted it at first, but I am so thankful I followed through!! I can definitely tell already that a lot of the RBT skills will come in handy as an SLP/SLPA/professional. I met my supervising BCBA at the elementary school I was working in - I actually introduced myself because I'd been looking for an RBT position - you could probably find job listings for your area online! Luckily the woman I met is expanding her company to my city and was willing to guide me through training and other newbie-RBT stuff, but other employers may want you to have it all completed beforehand. She also is aware that I am going to school for SLP, so she lets me hoard the clients with communication challenges / functional communication skills.
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