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  1. duolingo
  2. I used to live in Atlanta, the living cost is only high if you choose to live in midtown (where tech is) but you can live anywhere on the marta line which runs through some inexpensive places (if you only want public transport). Theoretically you could even live in Bankhead (next to tech) for really cheap, but then you'd live in Bankhead. Both GT and UIUC have great names, you just have to decide on research fit and what city (or small college town for UIUC) you want to live in for 5 years.
  3. might be hard, maybe try DSLRs that can record video as well (but they also seem to have mics). or perhaps security cams that don't have mics?
  4. You can, it is just a little more involved than a chrome extension. I mean I guess they changed the way they deliver their ads (it used to be those hijack ads that would open app store / play store to some app or to a "device has been infected, please download this virus to fix"), but I'm not sure rotten tomato and upskirt ads are much better. They changed the domain that the ads are served from to thegradcafe.com (rather than the usual domains that are already blocked by easylist/etc).
  5. I never understand these questions... You obviously researched each school and selected them based on some metrics (fit, prestige, whatever) over schools you didn't apply to. Use those same metrics to compare your acceptances too. We don't know where you fit better, where you have better funding, or what type of city you want to live in (protip: LA and DC are very different cities), especially with no information given about any of these things.
  6. "being processed" per:
  7. Might depend on the program but in mine: MS is a research degree (you do a thesis), MCS is a course degree (you can do independent study if you want but you do more courses instead of a thesis)
  8. I think so for UMich at least, a friend of mine was accepted and is visiting there today as part of an admitted students event.
  9. If you are fine with memory foam mattresses, Amazon can ship you one in a relatively small box (vacuum sealed). It is actually pretty fun to watch it transform into a mattress, like some kind of memory foam butterfly.
  10. I'm not bio (but this drama seems fun, maybe I'll do a minor in it), but for my field industry performs research on par with or even better than the top schools (MIT, Stanford) and even raids top schools to steal their professors (the CMU -> Uber raid). I don't really look into bio companies but I'd imagine the same occurs. Some people want to do work that impacts millions, if not billions of people AND get paid well in the process. Also a job at Microsoft Research or Research at Google or etc does require a PhD for their industry jobs so I'm confused by you judging people who are getting a degree that is required by the top labs they might want to work at. Also between this guy, YWEANG, and Musick I'm having a really good time this year on gradcafe FeelsBadMan
  11. Similar success story here, "low" uGPA and even just a "decent" msGPA and got into a PhD program at a top school for my major. Research (and the connections you make while doing it) is much more important than GPA.
  12. Try going to csrankings and select HCI conferences. Then look at each professor's website (the ones that publish in top HCI conferences), they usually will list where their MS and PhD students go afterwards.
  13. The department usually funds the students not the gschool, so if the department said "yeah you are funded" then you are probably funded. But as fuzzy said, we don't work for that school so we have no clue. It is probably a question better asked of the program.
  14. Your expectations are pretty spot on. You'll talk about your research, he will talk about his research and other research being done in the program. You probably won't be asked technical questions unless it is something in your research (and not something like "prove N=NP"). It will probably be 99% about are you a good fit for the program and can you hold a conversation about research. I wouldn't be nervous, you will be fine.
  15. It was. .