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  1. This is so true! When I was given a position as an undergraduate clinician this year I was terrified and felt like I wasn't prepared, but after the first meeting with my supervisor and my first session I felt so much better! Another thing to remember is that nobody expects you to be perfect. You are still learning and your supervisors know that! They are there to help you and teach you, not judge you for making a mistake
  2. The odds are not great, but you have to remember that every part of your application counts, not just your GPA and GRE. Strong letters of recommendation, a good personal statement, and an interview (if the school does interviews) will help boost your chances! I got into three schools with decent, but not great stats, including one where I was specifically told "we weigh cumulative GPA the highest." It is hard, but not impossible!
  3. I chose the University of Central Oklahoma! This is where I'm doing my undergrad so I'm already familiar with all of the faculty and the clinic. At first I was anxious to get out of Oklahoma, but after visiting another school I realized that UCO was the best fit for me. I accepted my offer on Monday and I can't wait to start in two months!!!
  4. People were posting acceptances from Michigan State yesterday and I never heard anything, so I'm assuming I was rejected or waitlisted. This is the last school I have to hear from and I just want to know! So glad this process is almost over.
  5. My top choice (Missouri State) is about $7,000 a year thanks to a scholarship for out-of-state students and rent is $500-$700 a month depending on location/number of rooms. It's not great, but it could be a lot worse.
  6. I had a friend take it from a school in Wisconsin... I think it was Eau Claire? She liked it, but she said that it was a lot of busy work.
  7. At some schools you can go online and look at the classes you will be taking and when they will meet! It really just depends on the school you go to.
  8. According to someone on the results page Michigan State is still reviewing applications and will let everyone know next week. Ugh. I don't even want to go there now that I've been accepted to less expensive schools, but I would still like an answer. I'm so tempted to withdraw my application but I don't want to waste the cost of sending my GRE score
  9. SAME. If I could turn back the clock I would have saved my time and money and only applied to four schools, not seven. I'm tempted to email Michigan State and tell them that I was to withdraw my application, but I should be hearing from them any day now so I'm just going to wait it out.
  10. Anything for Missouri State?
  11. Finally heard back from Wichita State a few days ago. It was a rejection I'm a little bummed because it was my top choice, but I'm very thankful to have been accepted to three other schools! I have such a tough choice to make Still nothing from Michigan State even though someone on the results page said that we would be notified this week. Ugh.
  12. University of Central Oklahoma Pros: This is where I'm doing my undergrad so I'm familiar with the staff and the other students On campus clinic Summer start so I won't be taking classes my second year Cons: I've lived in Oklahoma my whole life and I'm ready to experience something new This is where I am doing my undergrad (yes this is a pro and a con) We have a partnership with a local early childhood education program that can be very inconsistent. If you have one of those children as a client (which is very likely) you're at risk for not getting enough hours The clinic is very small Missouri State University Pros: It's a different state and town that is reasonably close to my hometown (4hr drive) The clinic is very large with different rooms to accommodate younger and older clients A scholarship that will cover almost all of my out of state fees Summer start A foreign exchange program that allows students to travel to Central America for a week in the summer to provide services to children and adults Cons: Starting over in a strange place The clinic is a little older and not as high tech as others I'm unfamiliar with the staff and students (I'm going to an open house in a few weeks so that will change) University of Central Oklahoma HSC Im not really familiar with this program, but it is only 20 minutes from my hometown so I would be commuting which is a con because traffic is bad.
  13. I won't be attending regardless of their decision, but I want to know so I can stop checking my email constantly! I'm so ready for this process to be over.
  14. Another day of silence from Wichita State and Michigan State. I just want to know so that I can make a decision
  15. I would go if you were invited! It would be a chance to meet the professors so they can put a face to your name. Will you be hearing from them before the open house?