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  1. I would definitely do School Y. Having somebody you are already deeply interested in working with is really important and a great thing to have right away. Yes, I understand that being LGBT often informs decisions; it was definitely a concern for me. But I think you'll find that most universities are accepting and excited by diversity of thought and identity. And if some aren't, your presence and scholarship might change their opinions. Overall, I think School Y sounds like a better fit, which is the most important aspect for your education and future.
  2. I applied to Columbia's PhD, but I was rejected and sent on to be considered for the MA. They're asking for a new Statement of Purpose. How different should my new SOP be? Obviously, the first SOP didn't work and this one can be more focused on the MA. But, I worked on my SOP for months and my Columbia one was maybe my best. Of course, if it's the same adcomm, I want to show them something new. Thoughts?
  3. My sister is the only one that's outwardly critical, but I think all of my family is skeptical. My sister has said "Remember when you wanted to be a lawyer [I was 14]? I think you should look into that" and 'You know mom plans to support you for the rest of your life, right?" and after I told her that some people end up as adjuncts on food stamps, she said "I'm not going to feel pity for you if that happens" Generally speaking, she's been fine and is really interested in where I want to go and what my plans are and stuff. But, she definitely has said some shitty things. My friends have been soooo supportive and pretty jealous. I got into my first school really early so I knew right away I had some sort of future plan. Meanwhile, they're still unsure about next year.
  4. Ew go away.
  5. Sorry, yeah that was unclear. I got into Fordham's MA and NYU's MA. I'm trying to figure out fit now. I mean, they both have a good focus on what I need, which is why I applied. But I'm trying to sort through and compare their relative strengths and weaknesses.
  6. Okay so I was accepted to NYU's Masters program (denied from the PhD) and I'm really freaking out! NYU was my number one choice--it was actually my number one choice for undergrad too, but I didn't get in then. The problem is that I was also accepted to Fordham and they're giving me sooo much money, full tuition and a generous stipend. NYU I think is offering me 50% tuition (it was kind of vague so I'm waiting for the official letter to get more details). I don't know what to do guys! I told myself that I would absolutely choose Fordham if I got into NYU, but I honestly didn't think I had a shot of getting in so it was easy to say before the decision was made. Help.
  7. Let's be real, we'd all be the Anthony Michael Hall nerd character.
  8. I agree with @Wyatt's Terps because I don't have the best GPA and I've done much better with MA programs than PhD this season. However, you can explain in your application that you switched majors and why your GPA isn't great. They'll take your major GPA into account so make sure you are doing well in all of your English classes. If I could go back, I would still apply to some PhD programs, but I would focus more upon MA programs.
  9. I think the idea is that you would just be working in the same environment with the same professors for too long, but honestly I think this is a bigger consideration for PhD programs. A lot of people get joint BA/MA degrees, and I definitely don't think that's looked down upon so I would say you're fine. I just wouldn't try to do your PhD at the same institution if you do continue onto that.
  10. This was already kind of said but having a place to work that is seperate from your personal life is so important. I work my best when I don't go home. I get out of class around 5 most days and if I head straight home, I'm done for the night. Even if I want to start my homework I'll get distracted by Netflix or tidying up or napping. I like going to libraries and starbucks. People are always working there so I feel pressure to be productive. I'll also say to myself like "you have to finish four paragraphs before you can check your phone" or something which kind of works as a reward system.
  11. Wondering the same thing. My application portal hasn't changed.
  12. Sorry, just clarifying. Are you saying that you want to teach high school while you pursue your PhD? That would be almost completely impossible. The demands of being a teacher are seriously intense and I think it would be difficult to find a PhD program that only has night/weekend classes. You would be stretching yourself entirely too thin. I mean, maybe you could do it for the first year or two, but when you are expected to teach undergraduate courses, it would be impossible. I really suggest choosing one or the other. Or maybe retain your job for a couple years and then head back to school for your PhD.
  13. I'm so sorry! This is awful, but yeah some application portals are really messed up. One of my recommenders submitted four times to a program and I finally asked her to just email it to the program. So, I'm sure it's not their fault, I wouldn't take it out on them.
  14. I tried to post this like six times yesterday, but it wasn't working. I was accepted into Fordham's MA program. I applied for the PhD so that's kind of a bummer but....I received full funding and a stipend for two years! Which is way better than my last MA acceptance which gave no guaranteed funding.
  15. On a side note, I'm super jealous of the user name @VirginiaWoolf. Yeah, it's just awkward because all of my friends and family know that I've applied and they keep asking if I've heard anything and ehck. I got accepted to an MA program, so that's good. But there's almost no funding so I really don't want to end up there.