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Canadian MSW Applicants 2018

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Hey there, 

This is my first time using Grad Cafe, not sure if I'm posting in the right spot but I'm interested to hear from those of you who are applying for an MSW anywhere in Canada in 2018. What kind of work experience is most relevant? I've potentially found a job working in the registration department at the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario screening applicants from prospective therapists - would you say that looks favourable on an MSW application?

Thanks for your input!

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Hi Smntoronto,

Thanks for creating this board! I was having trouble finding other applicants for 2018 and I thought I was being overly anxious!  This is also my first time using Grad Cafe but it seems like a supportive community so I am super excited about that. I would saw that experience sounds awesome. I am personally a little nervous about my lack of experience in the social services as I come from a film background but I am hoping some of my differences will be an advantage as it will help me stand out a little. I think those who are in MSW programs currently could probably answer your questions best. What schools are you hoping to apply to? 

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Hey GradApplicant22! 

I'm looking to apply to University of Toronto's MSW program with a specialization in mental health and health. I applied in 2015 and was waitlisted, but I feel like I haven't got much relevant experience since then. I ended up pursuing a post graduate degree in something completely unrelated out of panic because I wasn't finding a job after my undergrad. I may also apply to Waterloo's MSW program, though I'm not sure. Since I don't have a BSW my options are quite limited, but ultimately I'd like to get in somewhere with a clinical/research focus rather than a grassroots, social justice focus like York. What schools do you have your eye on? 

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